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It is easy to install and use; even computer novices can master this program easily.


1-Click-Fix is suspected of identifying fictitious errors, and may cause unwanted computer crashes.


Be careful of this program--although it is easy to use, it may not correctly identify truly erroneous registry entries.

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1-Click-Fix from 1-Click-Fix
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We've all experienced it before: A computer that suddenly freezes or slows down without warning.  You're up to date on the latest anti-malware software, and have even scanned your computer several times--but malware isn't the culprit.  So what's going on?

According to 1-Click-Fix, the real cause is something called registry errors.

"With time, as you create new files, delete old programs and install new software, your Windows registry stores information you thought you'd removed long ago," says 1-Click-Fix. "These old entries clutter your computer, and the library ends up disorganized, with files scattered everywhere."

And that's essentially what registry errors are--old, out-of-date entries that clog up your computer, causing unexpected problems.

Luckily, their program, also called 1-Click-Fix, says it can quickly fix these errors, with just a quick software download.

What is 1-Click-Fix?

1-Click-Fix is a software program known as a registry cleaner--a program designed to locate, and then remove, old entries from the computer's registry.  The registry acts as a blueprint for the computer, which ensures everything operates properly.  Through a secret computer process, 1-Click-Fix scans the computer for potential irregularities in the registry.

Upon reviewing this program, it appears easy to install, like it promises: Just a few clicks will have the program installed in mere minutes.  After that, using the program is fairly straightforward, with options to scan and remove registry errors.  1-Click-Fix will allow you to scan for irregularities for free, but removal of these entries requires a small, $9.95 license fee.

After using 1-Click-Fix, it identified an unusually high amount of problems with my computer registry.  It also--urgently, I might add--prompted me to fix these errors right away, as they were considered "critical", though they did not specify how they would harm my computer.  Of course, it wanted me to pay the $9.95 license fee right away to do this, which I declined.

Starting up this program is easy as well--simply click on the icon created on the desktop after installation for immediate access.  In terms of usability, this program is one of the best: Even complete computer novices could master this program in minutes.  However, I was skeptical of its scanning abilities, as it seemed to identify an alarming amount of errors even on new computers, which should be relatively free of any registry problems.

Did I have a good reason to be skeptical?  Turns out other customers agree with me.  

Problems with 1-Click-Fix

After noticing the unusually high amount of errors it allegedly found on my computer, suspicions were raised.  My computer is fairly new--it shouldn't have these many registry errors so early in its life.  Upon searching the web for additional reviews, my fears became a reality: The program is suspected of being malware in disguise.

"There is nothing good about it," says one customer. "Crashes your computer, doesn't block virus, removes program from your desktop.  It removed my itunes."

And indeed, 1-Click-Fix has many symptoms characteristic of malware.  For instance, 1-Click-Fix seems to identify a high amount of errors--and some say these errors were created fictitiously to entice people to buy the product.  Customers have also reported that the program actually worsens computer problems, causing unwanted crashes or even removing legitimate programs.  That doesn't exactly spell reliability--and it may be reason to think twice before purchasing this program.

1-Click-Fix may also show signs of being rogue software, or software that pretends to improve your computer fictitiously, while prompting you to pay for its service to "fix" these fake problems.  Of course, the problems are never fixed--and the company skips away with your hard earned cash.

But I'm definitely not saying this program is complete rubbish; in fact, I would say the opposite.  1-Click-Fix is easy to install and use, which is always a plus, but the problem here is that it may not be as reliable--or safe--as it makes it out to be.  If you choose to download this program, be careful.  Otherwise, choose a better program, such as WiseFixer.
Date Reviewed: March 23, 2012, 11:05 am
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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But as you saw in my review, I don't recommend it.
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