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Not an individualized plan. A little expensive.


A good training aid which has many supporters in the running world. Turn your marathon dreams into reality with the 100 day marathon plan.

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"100-Day Marathon Plan" by Dr. Marius Bakken - FULL REVIEW

Want to run a marathon?
Need help with your training schedule?
Marius Bakken (a Norwegian olympic runner himself) might just be able to help with his 100 Day Marathon Training Plan.
'It'll just tell me to train harder,' I hear you say.
Not so. Mr Bakken claims to have found a faster, safer, and easier way, which combines world-class training methods to help hundreds of marathoners slash their personal best times, decrease their training injuries, and eliminate burnout.
Wow.Of course no one, least of all Marius Bakken, would deny the challenge of taking on a marathon. You need ambition, you need desire, you need persistence.
But perhaps you also need a training plan. What if, after all those week and weeks of training you get injured from over doing it, or hit the infamous 'wall' at 21 miles?
With Mr Bakken you are, 'tapping into the brains of a top marathon training coach… or a 2 time Olympic runner.' His package give you access to, 'every single proven tip, tactic, and technique for slashing your training and race times to the bone.'
He developed his system after being asked to help a friend train for the NYC Marathon. The friend had only 12 weeks to train and wanted to ensure he was in peak condition on race day.
Mr Bakken quickly put together a training schedule using the best Kenyan and Italian training techniques. 'At least,' he thought 'it gives him a good plan he can follow without hurting himself.'
The plan worked and Maruis's friend ran the Marathon in just under three hours.
A great story. Which led (after testing and refining) to Marius making the his training methodology available to the general public.
Ta da! The 100 Day Marathon Plan. (Which, by the way, does not have to be completed in 100 days!)
The plan is structured so it can be customized for any runner and includes advice on diet, preventing and healing injuries as well as the detailed plan for running sessions and other preparation.
The package includes eight different training schedules ranging from the pure beginners training plan up to the 2:45 marathoner.
And his website includes authentic-sounding endorsements from runners who have used the program.
'Marius Bakken has used his unique experience as a world-class runner to put together one of the most comprehensive marathon products I have seen.'  
So what, as one interviewer of Marius on an independent forum asks, differentiates your program from the thousands of other books and plans flooding the market out there? Why would someone want to start it and choose it over another program?
Marius talks in detail about Kenyan intensity variation and Italian periodization. The Kenyans appear to instinctively run at the right level of intensity to prevent burnout and injury (86-87% of maximum heart rate, apparently).
So Marius's program is based around working at the right intensity and knowing when to back off. Instead of just going harder and harder. The training is based on your heart rate and specific running times so you are always training in the optimal zone without risking your health.
And other runners are convinced by the program:
'The 100 Day Marathon Plan is clearly explained and makes following the plan very simple. It takes the guesswork out which makes it harder to overthink the training and just go out and run.I especially liked the self massage part, I had not seen it in any program/book and I think it could certainly help to recover faster.'
'There is some real gold in the plan in terms of a slightly different periodization concept coupled with an enormous amount of pace changes during training runs... Marius has some keen insights.'
Others find the website and marketing a bit gimmicky and would prefer that programs should be specifically tailored to each person.
However others are clear that whilst the pitch may be offputting, 'his plan is no gimmick.'
'An interesting plan worth studying.'
And some great advice from a marathoner who asked, 'should I buy this plan?'
'I think that it is an extremely well-thought out plan that looks like it can fit into your schedule - why don't you email Marius? He seems like a very good guy.'
A great idea - ask the man himself and then decide if the 100 Day Marathon Plan is for you.  For the best results, consider pairing it with running equipment - such as a GPS watch or training MP3 player.
Date Reviewed: December 7, 2011, 7:43 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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