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Some users have had returns of 20- 30 percent. But usually average 2-3 percent.


Bad return record. Poor customer service. Loss of money. The use of questionable book-makers.


This is not a wise investment to make with your money as long as there are so many outstanding issues with this company.

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100 Percent Winners Review
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100% PerCent Winners (Sports Picks Software) REVIEW

Win every time? 100% winners say you can. How? Get odds on both sides of the bet. It's not gambling, your expert knowledge, affiliate marketing or multilevel marketing. It is based on the concept of arbitrage.

What is Arbitrage?

The practice of taking advantage of a price difference between two or more markets: striking a combination of matching deals that capitalize on the imbalance, the profit being the difference between the market prices.(Wikipedia definition)

The claim is this product is not gambling but rather sports investing taking advantage of the difference in odds that two or more different bookies will place on a certain event. This software will tell you the odds of all the bookmakers so you can place bets that will allow you to win no matter what the outcome of the event. Of course the "win" will be much lower than winning a typical sports bet.

How does it work?

They send out spiders to over 50 bookmakers and retrieve data which comes up on 100 Percent Winners servers. The servers find the arbitrages, calculate the data and send it to the client. You, the client, choose and place your bets at a guaranteed win of 1 70%. If you had to do the analysis by hand, it would be more work than it was worth. This software does it all for you. You can even place the bets as instructed because all of the bookmakers information is provided for you.

Loud, in your face marketing is impossible to read.

After scrolling past the first two page lengths of big red letters, crossed out and highlighted I came to the part of the sale where they promise to "CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER", "I SWEAR", "I SWEAR", "I SWEAR". That was followed with testimonials and success stories.

Pay Scheme

The 100Percent Winners software is on offer at $149 purchase price plus $19.99/mo. licensing fee for as long as you use the software. A quick comparison of competitor software and I find Rebel Betting Pro at 129 pounds/month and Sports-Arbitrage which charges you $2.58 for the first message they send you in a day and then .77 and then .38 cents, but they also clearly spell out that arbitrages are hard to find and that you will never be charged for notices not sent.

Now lets see what real people had to say about this product.

The standard arbitrage actually offered is 3%.

Aggressive marketing has resulted in many affiliate sites that only rave about the product and the prompt removal of any negative comments on social networking sites.

Price comparisons leave this product on the very inexpensive side. Why would they charge so much less than everyone else? Is this product TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE?

User comments on the blog site had the following issues;

  • Clients who lost money on bets which was supposed to be impossible
    • the robots misread the the book-makers odds,
  • the sourcing of many of the book-makers is questionable with a C or D rating, not rated, previously reported as fraudulent book-making sites or in different languages,
  • return policy not adhered to unless you contact Click-Bank
  • customer service is extremely poor.
  • Drawing on so many book-makers requires the investment of money with each one so you it is there when you are ready to place a bet.

On the other hand, some of the users did say they had earned 20-30 percent on a few bets, however, the majority of the bets the earnings were closer to 2 or 3 percent.


It sounds as if they have released a product before they were able to manage it and before they had taken all of the bugs out of it. It seems like if they reduced the number of book makers they sourced from and used only the A and B rated sources then the arbitrages made would be successful. There would definitely be fewer available and the profit margin would be smaller, but any consistent return on your money should be valued higher than no return or a loss. Those are obvious things they are already aware of and chose to take a less reliable route in order to sell more of the product that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER. That would probably be a good reason to stay away from the product unless some changes are made.

Date Reviewed: December 3, 2011, 3:51 pm
Reviewed by marilee
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