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Completes the Law of Attraction. Authors are respected within Personal Growth movement.


Expensive. 'Hype' according to some.


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Review of "The 11 Forgotten Laws" by Bob Proctor & Mary Morrisey

Have you heard about or read the movie The Secret?
Or learned of the Law of Attraction?
Is it working for you?
Maybe not. To recap, the Law of Attraction (the idea behind the movie), states that 'we become what we think about.'
So, to be crude, if you think hard enough about owning a Porsche, eventually this will become a reality.
Or, in a loftier sense, if you think consistently about achieving forgiveness, or intimacy, or an Olympic medal; then at some point all this will be yours.
Bob Proctor, one of the key figures in the film, agrees that the current global recession and crumbling economy might make the Law of Attraction appear to be hype.
However the story is nowhere near over...
Enter The 11 Forgotten Laws.
Bob Proctor - 'The Master Thinker' and his co-author Mary Morrissey, believe that the Law of Attraction is incomplete and that this new package will fill the gap and, 'finally uncover the Law's true potential.'
So if you hoped for a bright future after watching The Secret yet failed to attract results, it's not over yet!
Bob Proctor is the author of You Were Born Rich, and claims to have transformed the lives of millions of people through books, seminars, courses and coaching.
And even though he is best known for his part in the film The Secret, he how says that, 'The movie based on the Law of Attraction is pop culture fluff.'
For this he blames the industry - which has, according to Bob Proctor, taken an, 'amazing truth', and amplified the 'sexy' parts, leaving out the crucial totality.
Therefore, using the Law of Attraction in its media friendly form, you're only experiencing the tip of the iceberg.
And the rest of the 'Laws' can be all yours for $97.
Through this online digital 12 CD set (accompanied by workbooks and membership of the 11 Forgotten Laws online community) you'll learn all 11 laws.
The secret, according to Bob and Mary, is to take control of your 'volatile circumstances' by knowing and obeying the forgotten laws. You'll work on every aspect of your mind, and personal abilities that you may have caught glimpses of will come to the surface.
Examples of the 11 Forgotten Laws are: The Law of Thinking (how to develop organized, disciplined thought); The Law of Receiving ('a simple system of systematic giving that unleashes returns); The Law of Increase ('what you praise, grows') and the Law of Forgiveness ('psychological aikido').
The ideas behind these laws are not new, in fact one of the claims of the Law of Attraction movement is that it unlocks or reveals ancient truths from a variety of movements and practices in the fields of Quantum physics, psychology, metaphysics, coaching, theology, philosophy, finance, feng shui, medicine and personal development. There also strong links with the Rosicrucians, a philosophical secret society founded in medieval Germany.
The links with the personal growth movement are especially strong, and it was Earl Nightingale, the 'father' of personal growth, who coined the phrase, 'We become what we think about.'
So what has been the reception to The 11 Forgotten Laws?
Opinion is polarized.
Some people are big fans.
'What makes the 11 Forgotten Laws course very unique in my opinion is the massive amount of personalization that the authors Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey add to this course,' said one forum user. 'Bob Proctor's customer support is really great.'
And others agree.
'The course in not cheap, but in my opinion it's worth every penny for anyone who is truly interested in improving his life.'
But some people are convinced that the 11 Forgotten Laws are (also) hype.
'When are people going to learn? - there are no shortcuts - to making lots of money fast, to losing weight.'
And there has been a lot of controversy over the Law of Attraction and its proponents.
Newsweek characterized it as, 'pseudoscientific, psychospiritual babble,' and many people have cautioned people over claims about the power of the mind over health. 'This is merely a tool; it's not treatment.'
But if you find this kind of tool useful then the 11 Forgotten Laws could be beneficial.
'Personally I have had enormous benefits from this type of coaching/education. It really makes a difference,' said one customer.
And another found the material a useful addition to the Law of Attraction: 'Nice work supporting the Law of Attraction,' they said.
So a lot depends on your views of and experiences with the personal growth movement. For some, this is 'babble', for others it is 'worth every penny.'
Date Reviewed: December 21, 2011, 11:23 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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