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The 11 Forgotten Laws is a great "home base" for your overall self improvement strategy. Bob Proctor and Mary Morissey have a kind fatherly and motherly tone that will ease you through the materials in the course.


Being a "home base", this course needs to be supplemented with other self improvement products, such as meditation music and visualization boards. Combining multiple techniques makes for a strong and efficient strategy to create a higher quality life.


If you need a “home base” for your overall self improvement strategy, this course is a handsome candidate.

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The 11 Forgotten Laws from Bob Proctor, Mary Morissey
11 Forgotten Laws Product Review
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What I Learned from Bob Proctor's 11 Forgotten Laws

The 11 Forgotten Laws is a self improvement program created by Bob Proctor and Mary Morissey. This program is intended for people who are interested in creating a better life through the Law of Attraction. 

Bob and Mary made this course because they felt that many people don't understand the truth behind the Law of Attraction. They believe many people are failing because to correctly apply this Law you need the entire 11 Universal Laws for success.

The main lesson in the 11 Forgotten Laws is that it teaches you to become closer to the Universe, or Spirit, or Divine Presence. When you are far from this Divine Presence, you are out of harmony with the principles of success. Therefore, you don't achieve the dreams you desire.

To help you become a person who is in harmony with these principles, Bob and Mary have made this course.

What do you get when you purchase this course?

The full program is divided into 12 chapters - each chapter dedicated to one Law. The first chapter is titled "Working With the Law" and is an introduction to the power of these Universal Laws and the inspiration behind the course.

In 1964, Dr. Raymond Holliwell published a book titled “Working With the Law”. In the book, Dr. Holliwell explains the 11 truths to living based on his own experience. He used these truths to become closer to God, and he wrote the book to help his students do the same.

In 1995, Bob Proctor and Mary Morissey met. To their surprise, they were both great fans of the book by Dr. Holliwell. Since they applied the principles in their own lives, they decided to contribute what they know in the form of a home study program.

11 Forgotten Laws Intro by Bob Proctor
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Each chapter walks you through the Laws, one by one. The main premise of the entire program is that they key to achieving success is by correctly using and directing the power of your thoughts. This is the first Law of Thinking

The 2nd Law is the Law of Supply, where Bob and Mary make you see that whatever you need is already here. When I first heard this chapter, I had a big “A-ha!” moment and saw that all the resources I need are already available. 

Nothing changed on the outside, but my perspective on the inside did. And if this course can make you shift your perception, I find that whatever the price is it becomes worth it.

The Law of Non-Resistance: How a small barber shops stayed in business

I won't talk about all the 11 Laws because then this will be a really long review. If you want more information, there is a link to my full step by step review at the resources links below.

There is one particular Law that I want to share though, and that is the Law of Non-Resistance.

This is also one of the most powerful Laws for me, because it made me see how many people are setting up barriers for themselves – myself in particular. This Law is very powerful, and you should really pay attention to the story Mary says in the course about a barber shop.

You see, this barber shop is a small “Mom and Pop” shop that had a regular customer base in a small town. One day, a brand name barber shop announced they were going to set up a branch in this town. Because the brand barbershop was large, they could offer cheaper haircuts.

The owner of the small barbershop lost hope immediately. He thought he wouldn't be able to compete. But his partner had an idea – and they didn't resist the competition. Instead, they went with the flow and managed to actually increase their income because of the competition.

And the idea was so simple, that it's hilarious! I wish I was that smart.

This is what is great about this course is that Bob and Mary share a lot of stories that illustrate the concepts in the 11 Laws. So their story telling, combined with the core material from the book by Dr. Holliwell make a really good combination.

So is this course is for you?

I would recommend this course for people who already have some experience with self improvement products (is there anyone in this world who hasn't?). If you've never read a positive book or listened to a motivational CD your entire life, this program might be too big a bite to handle.

That said, the 11 Forgotten Laws is a comprehensive program for self improvement using the principles of success. Bob Proctor's 50+ years of experience in the industry combined with Mary Morissey's personal stories make a great experience if you choose to become their student.

One caveat I might add is this: for most people, this program will serve best as the basis of an overall self improvement strategy. Personally, this is my strategy to live a higher quality life:

1. Learn the principles in the course2. Translate them into actionable plans3. Combine with meditation, visualization, and affirmation techniques4. Exercise this routine until it becomes a habit5. Do a weekly review of progress I've made

Step by step, I am growing. In fact, I'm going through the course a second time, but this time I'm doing one chapter per week. Therefore I have the time to apply what I've learned for a week, then measure the results.
Conclusion: If you need a “home base” for your overall improvement strategy, this course is a handsome candidate.
Date Reviewed: October 29, 2012, 2:58 pm
Reviewed by denydritz
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