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A cute ring that is good for an anniversary band, promise ring or to wear with your wedding band.


Cheaply made for the higher price tag with low quality and very small diamonds and not a lot of total gold for the price either.


In a cheaper price range, this would be an alright ring but at this price, the band is just not worth it.

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14k White Gold Diamond Eternity Band from Amazon Collections
14k White Gold Diamond Eternity Band Review
Lisa Mason rates this 4/5
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14k White Gold Diamond Eternity Band Overpriced for Cheap Quality

Show me a girl who does not like diamonds and I guarantee that is because she does not think she can afford them.  There are very few women who do not like diamonds and I definitely do which is why I have been looking for a nice diamond ring or band.  I am thinking that a new ring would not only be a great piece of jewelry, but it would make a nice investment and would be something I can pass on to one of my girls when they are older.  Since I can only give my wedding set to one daughter, I want to buy some more pieces that the other girls can have to remember me by as well.

Jewelry is just one of those things that a family loves to pass down between generations and it’s just one of those things that many women love. I have always loved eternity bands and with my birthday, Mother’s Day and anniversary all in the month of May, I decided to hunt for something I could encourage my husband to buy me. In my search, I came across the 14k white gold diamond eternity band.  It was stunning in appearance and the price was reasonable, at least if the product really is what it says it is. I can also see one of my girls wearing this ring later in life.

While it does have a higher price tag than I would like, if the ring is worth it then I would buy it anyway.  I want to look at the cut, color and clarity of the diamonds- three of the four Cs, with carat being the final C, before I make my decision. 

Product Features
  • Available in White, Rose or Yellow Gold
  • Half a Carat worth of Diamonds
  • 14k Gold
I like that I can buy this ring in one of three colors and if I could afford it, I would consider buying more than one to wear together or just to match up with different outfits.  This can also be worn quite nicely with any wedding band set and would make a nice anniversary present. The price is a bit higher than I would expect but with the price of gold I guess that is not surprising. This ring was climbing higher on my want list but I still wasn’t sure. While it looks pretty, I am hesitant to buy anything in that price range that I have not first seen in person.

The Good Points

This is a very dainty ring and it is not so big that it would dominate my other rings that I wear and again, this is something I can give to one of my daughters when they get older.  I love the band style of ring so that is another plus for me.  It is also stackable when you buy more than one and you can get all three colors and wear them together. 

Unfortunately, that is all that I can say that would make me want this ring.  As I explored more deeply, I uncovered the sad truth that is starting to seem like a trend with Amazon jewelry (at least gold and diamonds from Amazon, that is).

Why I Do Not Plan on Purchasing This Ring

At the end of the day, I want something that is timeless and this ring does not hold up for the price you pay.  The diamonds are merely poor quality chips even though they are listed as cut.  While they are cut, they are so small that you cannot tell what the cut is.  When you look at a total carat weight of half a carat then look at how many are on the band, you get a pretty good idea of just how small they are.  Not only are the diamonds small, but they have a lot of inclusions and the clarity listed is not the clarity of the actual stones. 

Cheap and small- not like the picture indicates

The ring is too small to really be good for adults and would make a better child’s ring although I don’t know too many people who can afford over $350 for a piece of jewelry for their child. If it was cheaper in price, I could see getting this ring but for the price tag, you expect more and this ring just doesn’t deliver. It’s really a letdown because I was excited about getting it but now I think I would just be disappointed if I did.  

Not Surprising, Others Agree With Me
Jake J. Rodenkirk says, “diamond fell out after light use don't buy this ring.... may look nice and be a great price but how would you like to be missing diamonds in a few months... trust me its not fun”
P.Hill states, “Ordered this ring and a different diamond ring because of price, color and clarity. It all seemed to be a great deal, but when I received the rings the clarity of the diamonds were not want I was expecting.”
The Bottom Line…

It is really sad that the price tag is so high on this ring because I do like it, even given the flawed and tiny diamonds.  When you factor in gold prices today, it still is not worth the high price tag because the actual ring is just too small.  If this ring was even $150 lower, I would buy it in a heartbeat, but not today at this price. There are too many better diamond rings out there to choose from. 
Date Reviewed: May 15, 2012, 8:52 am
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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