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The workout material is high quality. You'll also learn the basics of dieting--how to eat right, when to eat, and why eating right doesn't just mean eating more vegetables.


A lot of the nutrition information is iffy; studies and scientific data largely contradict what Marion says really facilitates fat loss.


It's a good beginner's guide, despite the erroneous information.

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24/7 Fat Loss from Joel Marion and Craig Ballantyne
24 7 Fat Loss Review
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24/7 Fat Loss by Joel Marion & Craig Ballantyne - REVIEW

Losing fat is not easy--with hormones, genetics, and stress on your side, it's hard to make fat budge, even when you're eating right.

But there's a new program that says it can help you lose fat as fast as possible, even if your genetics want you to stay fat.

It's called 24/7 Fat Loss, an eBook written by fat loss experts Joel Marion and Craig Ballantyne.  They say fat loss isn't just about eating less and moving more--it's about how you keep your metabolism high throughout the day.  By keeping it high at all times, you've created the perfect environment for blasting away fat around the stomach, thighs, and buttocks.

Here's how it works.

How 24/7 Fat Loss Works

24/7 Fat Loss is an eBook that teaches people the fundamentals of keeping the metabolism high.  

These fundamentals are:
  • Mastering your hormones.  Marion and Balantyne say that our hormones play a crucial role in fat loss--even to the point of making you fat if you can't control them.  
  • Using metabolic training.  Regular exercise only helps us burn a small amount of calories, but metabolic training keeps our metabolism high up to 48 hours after the workout.  The result is a longer, bigger calorie burn.

The eBook explains these concepts in greater detail--and even explains ways to control your hormones, such as avoiding combining fats with carbs and only eating carbs when you need them (in the morning and after intense exercise).  

It also contains a complete beginner's training program for mastering your metabolism, incorporating circuit training as a means of keeping the calorie burn high.   You'll also learn about strategic overfeeding--cheating on your diet once a week to jump start the metabolism.

You'll read all about this in 24/7 Fat Loss.  To help you stay on track, you'll also receive freebies such as workout log sheets, an exercise database, a quick-start checklist, and even a supplementation guide.

Issues with 24/7 Fat Loss

There's definitely a science behind metabolic training--some workouts have been clinically shown to raise the metabolism--but unfortunately, both Marion and Balantyne put too much stock into our hormones' effects on fat loss.  Hormones, such as leptin and ghrelin, can affect our appetite and encourage us to eat more, which makes us gain weight, but it doesn't physically affect your fat burning ability.  What it does affect, however, is your appetite.  

Obviously, if you're eating too much, you're not going to lose fat.

You're also not going to find a lot of science behind its meal philosophy--that combining fats with carbs will automatically cause fat storage.  Physiologically speaking, this won't occur if you're in a calorie deficit, or eating less calories than you need to sustain your weight.  

If you eat too many calories that are packed full of fat and carbs, then yes, you will gain weight.  However, this occurs no matter what you eat.  You could feasibly gain fat just by eating protein all day; your body stores fat based on the calorie, not nutrient, overload.

Those are the main issues with this eBook.

What the Consumers are Saying

This eBook may not be as great as it's promoted to be, but what do the consumers think?  Turns out they share the same opinion:

"I bought the program at a special discount and unless you are into extreme eating it isn't worth it.  The amount of figuring and calculating you have to do for this plan is ridiculous."

"I agree, Joel Marion doesn't do anything for me.  Cheat your Way Thin, Carb Syncing (nutrient timing from PN anyone?) glycemic index, blah, blah, blah.  I do love Craig Ballantyne workouts though."


Should you try 24/7 Fat Loss?  Well it depends--if you're a beginner just looking for guidance on how to develop good diet habits, this program can be a good starter guide.  Its science information is iffy, however, so don't take all of the advice to heart.
Date Reviewed: February 21, 2012, 10:52 am
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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