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Simple, tried and tested projects, easy & fast to create, correct formats and contents.


No independent reviews I could find. I would have liked to know what the students think!


Excellent for last minute panics - will definitely help you through a sticky phase in your child's education.

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24 Hour Science Projects Review
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24 Hour Science Projects REVIEW - What are real students saying?

It's Sunday evening and - at last - you have just gotten all the jobs done and are ready for the next week.

And that includes clean gym kit for your children; lunches ready, a schedule for the week. And you checked on their homework on Friday when they came home from school. 'All done,' they said, blithely, as they jumped on their bikes and headed out to meet their friends.

But now they're looking grim. Decidedly green around the edges. 'What's up?' you say.†

And out it comes, the confession. There was a science project. Due in tomorrow by the end of the school day. 'We forgot,' they protest. 'What can we do?'

Well now is not the time for recriminations - they can come later... And your children are already frantically google-ing for an idea, but have come up with nothing.

'Take a deep breath of relief,' says Kayla Fay of 24 hour science projects. 'You've found your experiment.'

24 hour science projects is an online package of five complete science project guides.†

And you can stop rifling through the cupboards for supplies - most of the ones you need for these projects are already in your home now.†

'Donít waste another minute!' says Kayla. 'Your search for a science project is over!'

The 24 hour science projects package comes with easy, step by step instructions laid out from hypothesis to conclusion. You get quick access to the necessary research materials and are given examples of charts and graphs, with Excel spreadsheets already created for you to plug in data.

As the mother of 4 boys, Kayla has been through all this - she knows the requirements and how the projects should be laid out and presented. For $14.95 you get five complete templates for tried and tests projects that she guarantees will work. After all, you don't want to waste those precious hours on a project that could fail (and therefore your child fails their grade).

'But Mom!' say the kids. 'Why pay for a science project when there are free ones online.' (Because, naturally, the $14.95 is coming out of their allowance, or will be paid for in yard chores...)

Well Kayla has anticipated that question.

Our project guides, she says, are organized exactly like a science project board, consisting of purpose, hypothesis, supplies, procedure, data, results, conclusion and references. The charts will save you time and frustration, and the supplies and research items are easily organized.†

But most of all these projects are 'quality tested' by teachers and parents. 'Theyíve even won awards at the science fair!'

'You made my life a lot simpler this past week!' said one Mom of two boys, quoted on the 24 Hour Science Projects website.

And home school moms are big fans too. 'Your streamlined science project helped me out so much. Just wanted to say thanks and that Iím glad I found you!'

Now of course there may be more to your children's prevarication over science projects than simple forgetfulness - they may have been worried that the projects were too hard for them and so (like we do, even as adults) put then off for fear of failure. After all these projects cover intimidating subjects. 'Why do leaves change their color in the fall', 'what is static electricity?', 'Why is the sky blue?', 'How do insects survive the winter?'

If left to their own devices on topics such as these, Kayla reasons, your children could turn in projects that fail. 'Trial and error' might be good in principle but it could also put them off learning about science for life.†

'This is exactly the niche we seek to fill,' says Kayla. With her easy to follow and fast science projects, you get a guarantee that the project will fulfill the requirements. Plus, by following the instructions your child will definitely learn.

'Kid-tested to work right the first time.'

I reviewed the contents of the package myself and can confirm that they are well-researched, well written with good content that could tempt even the most reluctant child into engaging with science.

The projects are easily replicated at home (although you may have to buy a few supplies at the grocery or hardware store) and engage with the child's every day experience of the world to explore scientific concepts - for example 'Which type of corn flake stays crunchiest longest'.

There are excellent references, guidelines for parents, photographs of the experiments in progress and suggestions for further study. Definitely a winner for the busy parent.†

It's not a complete learning strategy for science, but as an interim measure on a Sunday evening, it's $14.95 well spent. The projects make science exciting and relevant for your children, and are a huge timesaver.

Your kids will maintain their grades and their motivation to learn.†

Then it's up to you to decide how they pay you back!
Date Reviewed: March 12, 2012, 5:11 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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