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Lots of fun ideas for livening up your dating life. Good recommendations from customers.


Not every idea will appeal for everyone.


Recommended. The ideas in this e-book should inspire you to make the most of every occasion and bring fun and romance into your dating life.

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Review of "300 Creative Dates" by Michael Webb

Dating anxiety... you'd think that as adults we'd get over the nerves, the butterflies, the outfit changes, the outright panic.
But the pitfalls of dating never go away, however old you are and whatever stage you are in your relationship.
You want it to go well; you want to have fun, but be relaxed. To get close but not scare off your date.
Michael Webb - 'The Most Romantic Man in America', 'The Martha Stewart of Dating' - is your man.
His 300 Creative dates e-Book is full of ideas for creative and inexpensive dates you may not have thought of.
This is not about lavishing money on your sweetheart, fiance or lover. All dates cost between $5 and $20. What you have here, according to Michael Webb is, 'a goldmine of information.'
And the information can be used to make a date to remember (and so secure that all-important second date), to boost your existing relationship, or just to have more fun whilst out and about.
Michael is clear on what you shouldn't do... dinner and a movie, especially for new couples. The situation is just too prone to high expectations (candlelight, romantic settings, those serenading musicians or people selling roses). Sitting opposite each other staring into his or her eyes is almost bound to dry up your conversational wells.
What if you can't think of anything interesting to say. Or the food is awful, or you realize, with that horrible sinking feeling, that you're losing her interest.
It's just too hard to make a good impression over dinner, says Michael. 'Going on original dates is the best way to keep having fun.'
Michael is not short of ideas. 'This is a quality collection,' he says. He started off writing down all the 'fun-filled' dates he'd had with his wife of 17 years. So if you're finding it hard to get past 'a walk in the park' or 'dinner at home' then this collection could be for you.
Of course not every idea will work for you (skydiving, anyone?) but Michael advises that you find the ones that you like and adapt them to your interests and situation. At the very least the e-book should inspire you to think more creatively about dates and their possibilities. The book includes dates for long-distance relationships, dates for anniversaries and special occasions, picnic dates and even ideas for livening up the dreaded dinner date.
So you'll be anticipating your evening with pleasure, instead of starting to sweat!
Michael also covers creative ways to ask someone out, and promotes the idea of Dating Coupons - to give to your sweetheart to redeem in the future. Plus Do's and Don'ts of dating and Dating Disaster Stories - to make you laugh and also realize that it's been much, much worse for other people!
'You will be the envy of every husband and boyfriend within hundreds of miles,' says Michael.
So how have Michael's ideas gone down out there, the the big wide scary world of dating?
'Keeps things fresh,' said one endorsement on Michael's website. 
And the 'asking out' ideas work, too. 'I decided to see if a more exciting date idea would make her reconsider and that did the trick!' said one happy customer.
So it seems that it's not just charm and good looks that will get you a date - but the kind of date you're proposing, as well.
'I'd recommend 300 Creative Dates which is written for the adult in mind,' said one (lady) customer.
'I did find a book called 300 Creative Dates that had a huge selection of creative and cheap dates. Definitely worth checking out,' said another.
You can get 7 free ideas from Michael by entering your email address - so if you have any doubts try them out first.
And next time you find yourself prickling with anxiety over a longed-for date, try 300 Creative Dates for ideas. You might just find yourself having more fun than you bargained for!
Date Reviewed: December 15, 2011, 1:17 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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