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Plenty of great reviews exist online about this product. It offers a money back guarantee. The instructional videos are very powerful tools. The program is done by a professional that is well respected in the field.


The program only addresses distance. It will not fix your slice.


This product seems solid from top to bottom and I feel confident recommending it.

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Five Keys to Distance from Eric Jones
5 Keys To Distance Review
Rodney Southern rates this 4.5/5
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"5 Keys to Distance" (Golf Drive) by Eric Jones - FULL REVIEW

I spend a great deal of time golfing with my buddies. Without exception, the person who is longest off the tee turns heads. I find this to be true regardless of who goes lowest on the scorecard. A 300 yard drive will be talked about far longer than somebody knocking off a couple of strokes.

It is kind of easy to see why a program that promises to dramatically increase your distance off the tee might be exciting. When you figure that program is by a World Champion Long Distance Driver, then you start to really get your hopes up.

5 Keys to Distance is just that program and the World Champion author is a man named Eric Jones. He offers up 20 yards in 21 days if you follow his program and he backs it up with a money back guarantee. 

On the surface, this sounds like exactly the right book to give my buddy Donald, as he hits like a girlie man off the tee.

Will it stand up under close scrutiny?

One thing I have learned quickly over the years is that the golfing crowd talks. If a product comes out that rips you off or offers something that is bogus, golfers will tell anybody that will listen. They are not exactly shy.

For this reason, I began my search on golfing forums and various e-book forums to see what people were saying about 5 Keys to Distance.

The only negatives I found were not really negatives at all. For example, I found one thread that was talking about how the information was too simplified. They wanted something that was more involved, rather than simplistic. Sorry, but I will take simple all day if it works.

Another “complaint” was that the program focused only on distance and not keeping the ball in the fairway. To be fair to Eric Jones and the program, he never promises to keep the ball in the fairway. That would be an entirely different program. That would be like buying an e-book about bunting in baseball and being mad because it doesn't include information about hitting the long ball.

The vast majority of feedback that I could find thought that Eric Jones and the 5 Keys to Distance was highly effective and worth the money. At $47, the program really seems to be a steal.

Who is Eric Jones anyway?

Eric Jones is a World Champion in the Long Distance Driving sport. Because he learned to go longer off the tee than anybody else in the world, it seems likely that he knows what he is talking about. This golf professional is a solid guy with an excellent reputation in the world of golf.

Video Instruction of the 5 Keys

The most popular part of this program is the video tutorials that show you step-by-step how to increase your distance. The way the videos are broken down makes it very easy to follow the program. The program builds upon itself and teaches the basics to extend your drives. No other program is nearly as complete when it comes to hitting the ball long distances.

Creating muscle memory

Anybody that has ever stood at a tee box with people watching knows how tough it can be to consistently hit long, hard drives. The reason for this is usually because you have not created muscle memory. Muscle memory comes about from repeating motions and drills and getting your body used to powerful motions without having to think. This is where 5 Keys to Distance really shines over the rest of the programs I have read.

The repeated drills and wonderful instruction will have you confident stepping up to the tee box instead of shaking in your spikes.


Even though the program is fairly basic, it is loaded with need to know information for serious golfers. If you are short off the tee, then 5 Keys to Distance is a program that you simply must give a shot. It comes highly recommended all over the web. If you are unhappy, you can always take advantage of a money back guarantee that they offer.

My guess is that won’t be necessary. 
Date Reviewed: March 11, 2012, 3:42 am
Reviewed by Rodney Southern
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