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The foods on this diet are naturally low in calories, so you'll easily lose weight. This diet isn't a starvation diet, so it will be easier to follow.


It says it's effective because the foods promote weight loss, when in fact it's the calorie deficit that promotes the weight loss. You have to adhere to food lists and meal plans, which can be hard to adhere to.


If you can adhere to the strict food and meal regimen, you may be able to lose weight--and fat--with this diet plan.

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7 Day Belly Blast from Josh Bezoni
7 Day Belly Blast Review
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"7-Day Belly Blast 2.0" by Josh Beyoni - REVIEW

So what's holding you back from a flat belly?  Perhaps it's a love for food--especially the high-calorie, fattening foods that we all love to binge on.  Or maybe it's a lack of exercise--a desire to sit on the couch instead of staying active--that's causing the belly fat to pile on.

Or, if you're diet guru Josh Bezoni, the problem isn't because you eat too much or exercise too little.  Instead, the problem is hormonal; people who have a lot of belly fat also have high levels of stress, which in turn triggers the stress hormone cortisol.  As a result, they gain more abdominal belly fat.  In turn, our food is secretly laced with additives that make us fat, causing toxic sludge to build up--and making us miserable.

He details these startling new belly-busting findings in his program 7 Day Belly Blast Diet 2.0.

What is the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet 2.0?

The premise of the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet 2.0 is simple--fix the three main problem that make belly fat worse.  These problems are:
  • Hormones. Cortisol causes us to collect more belly fat, often as a result of stress.  This diet minimizes the effect of cortisol on belly fat accumulation.
  • A broken metabolism.  Traditional dieting destroys your metabolism--or so says Bezoni, who recommends eating "Thermal Burn" meals to prevent metabolic slowdown.
  • Addictive foods.  Many of our favorite foods contain toxic additives that are supposedly just as addictive as cocaine, making it hard to eat less.  To stop the addiction, Bezoni recommends eating 37 special foods that clean these toxins out of your body.
So if these are the problems, what's the cure?  Bezoni says it's all in his "Calorie Confusion" method, where your calorie count will never stay the same, and as a result, prevents the body from adapting.  By preventing the body from adapting, it also prevents the metabolism from slowing down.  To make the diet even more effective, he also recommends eating certain meals and foods to clean out the "toxic sludge," which accelerates belly fat loss. 

The result?  A slimmer, leaner core, without having to resort to surgery or starvation diets.

Details and Issues with the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet 2.0

The 7 Day Belly Blast Diet 2.0 begins in two phases: the cleansing phase and the eating phase.  Each phase takes one week long, and has its own set of diet rules and guidelines.

During the cleansing phase, you'll need to eat several mini-meals a day made up of specific foods, which helps remove toxic sludge.   This primarily consists of vegetables and protein shakes, so the calorie count is small, but packed full of good-for-you nutrients.  Dieters who have tried this diet admit this phase is the hardest, but keeping yourself busy can minimize any downsides of this phase--namely, the lack of food, fatigue, and intermittent hunger.

During the eating phase, you get to eat more, which dieters will invariably like.  Still, this isn't a free-for-all--you'll still need to eat the foods Bezoni recommends to banish fat, while eating several small meals a day.  If you're not used to eating frequently, this can be hard to adapt to.  You'll need to remember to eat more frequently; you may forget to if you're pretty busy, or you work a job where you don't get a lot of breaks.

What the Customers are Saying

So what are customers saying about 7 Day Belly Blast Diet 2.0?  So far, the responses are good.

"I tried so many different diet [sic] and they did not work for me how ever [sic] I started this program and I lost 20 pounds I think by far this is the best way to do it and lose the extra pounds off."

Another woman writes: "I used the original version of this program and had pretty good results with it.  It's definitely great for short term results."


If you're willing to adapt--and willing to stick to Bezoni's strict list of "good" food items--you may be able to lose some weight and fat.  But don't believe that these foods are somehow magical; instead, what's helping you lose weight is the fact that these foods are low in calories.  In turn, you'll eat less calories, sometimes even without realizing.  The lack of calories, not the foods, is what makes this diet effective.
Date Reviewed: February 8, 2012, 1:29 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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