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Good information from a professional in the business, will give confidence (and therefore power) to the purchaser.


You need to buy a guide for each model, check that your guide is relevant for the year of your potential porsche. Information is available freely but not in such a concise, usable format.


Good for first time purchase and if information is needed quickly.

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911 Secrets Review
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Review of "911 Secrets Revealed" by Adrian Crawford

Now there are some problems in life that you do really wish might be yours...

And how to go about buying a Porsche 911 is one of them.

You've dreamed of it, you've fantasized about it, you've taken those dream drives up over Alpine passes (a la James Bond) and sped through city subways with your lights streaking behind.

And now it's become possible; you're in the market for a used Porsche.

Now, a series of further problems arises. How do I know what to look for? Who to trust? I've worked for years for this money and no way am I going to waste it!

In 911 Secrets Revealed Adrian Crawford covers comprehensively how to go about buying a used Porsche. 'From the first phone call through the inspection, test driving, history and negotiation...all from my own actual real life Porsche dealing experience.'

Are you confident of all you need to know? he says.

Probably not...

These guides (separate ones for different models) will enable you to quickly and confidently check a used Porsche.

Adrian outlines some of the pitfalls in the motor trade - as he points out, even though this may be a long-dreamed of purchase for you, plenty of Porsches of all ages and values get damaged, repaired and resold. You have to know the right questions to ask and what to check (specifically on each model).

The 911 Secrets Buyers Guide explains the common faults, the tests, checks and questions.

'Buying with knowledge is powerful,' he says.

And it is undoubtedly true that most 911s will look good (this isn't a 'beater' market, after all...), but they could of course be hiding problems that could cost 1000s and (even worse) the problems that you can never put right.

Adrian outlines a step by step process to find the 'lovely, genuine used Porsche.'

'Get prepared before you spend your money,' he says.

The guide will not only help you with key questions; but also what (and where) to check and test, where to look for hidden accident damage or repairs, how to make a worthwhile test drive, an outline of guarantees and warranties, how to get a better deal and 'much more.'

The guide costs $35 (for each model) and is available as a download for PC (not Mac); and as a taster Adrian gives some initial tips on his website. For example always check that the VIN (or chassis) number is correct and shows no signs of tampering. 

Plus solid advice applicable to all situations, such as following your instincts and avoiding buying with emotion.

Adrian acknowledges that you may want a professional inspection before parting with that hard-earned cash but advises that you still have to identify the right Porsche in the first place, otherwise you can 'waste hundreds.'

His guide has been 'successfully used all over the World' and is relevant 'wherever you are looking for a 911.'

There are great endorsements for this guide on the 911 Secrets website. 'Despite my mechanical background I consider your notes a great tool even for professionals...I would never had checked thoroughly that fast without your notes.'

Which is a good point - this guide can give you confidence as well as information.

Another said, 'After pressing some of the points found in your guide, I realized that my seller was being evasive... [this] prevented me from making what might have been a very expensive mistake.'  

And Adrian is clear that 'no used car is perfect... but preparation can reduce your risk considerably.'

So what do independent Porsche owners and commentators think of these guides?

Well some say that all the information is available on the various Porsche Bulletin boards or in other books so the price is too expensive.

'That's $1 a page!' said one forum user.

'You can learn the inexpensive way because the bulletin boards are free,' said another.

'There is too much cheap or free info available to pay $40,' said another.

However others say that Adrian is a trusted source of information. 

'I've bought a car from Adrian and he is very knowlegeable on the cars his guide covers,' said one customer.

Which is a genuine and direct recommendation.

And other recommend the guides for first time buyers, adding that, 'While everything you need to know has probably been covered someplace on [a bulletin board] I don't think it is reasonable to expect the first time buyer to piece everything together.'

So if you want all the information and advice in one place then these guides could be for you. The author is a Porsche specialist who has has reviewed, bought, sold (and dismissed) many Porsches during his career and helped hundreds of customers.

If you are new to this (and not many of us buy even one Porsche in a lifetime) then this guide can definitely help.
Date Reviewed: March 14, 2012, 5:05 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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