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Free domain name if you sign up for the web hosting service. Many tools available to the person looking for options and good choices about websites and hosting them.


There are so many things to try and figure out that like with anything associated in this field, there is a tendency for information overload.


Bluehost is a great hosting service for anyone seeking to start a business online and have professionals work with you.

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Evan75 : I am recently new to the Internet Marketing business and have found that there a...Member Reputation 91 • 15 active Krits
Bluehost Web Hosting from Bluehost
A Review Of Bluehost Domain Hosting
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Is Bluehost Hosting A Good Service?

What is Bluehost?

Bluehost is an online web hosting company that also includes a number of web related services as well. An affordable web hosting company, that has been in existence for almost twenty years. The company offers web based solutions to hosting issues. 

Having been around for so long means the company has found a formula for success. The reputation that this company has ensures customers of having a great experience when looking for help. The customer service is open 24/7 and their toll free number will connect you to a good customer service staff.  Bluehost is a company that has the reputation of taking care of its customers. This is a company that has the admiration of its competitors.

Hosting Features of Bluehost

They ensure that your sites are fully operational and up. There is hardly any down time as Blue host has a guaranteed uptime of 99.9. Having this guarantee means Bluehost will always see your websites are up and running. They ensure that your websites will always be seen by visitors and clients. There is a money back guarantee if a client is not satisfied with the service. This reflects on the good reputation of this company. They honor their guarantees and if there are any problems someone is available to help.

Bluehost offers unlimited disk space, unlimited domain hosting, free website scripts and site promotions. Databases and Computer graphics are part of the features offered through Bluehost. There are tools that will give your website safe and secure e-commerce store features. There are many advantages to using them as your hosting service because of all the features and the many more features you get through this service.

Bluehost gets good reviews when it comes to how little downtime they have. As we all know how important it is keep your website visible at all times and this is a company that does a good job of doing this. They are above the industry average for uptime.
Security is another feature not to be overlooked when it comes to things to look for in a good hosting service. Bluehost provides safe and secure websites to their customers. They offer security resources that are free.
Bluehost has partnered up with various sources to help your Internet marketing business stay on track. All the tools needed for Internet marketing are all in one place. Bluehost offers simple scripts, a one click installer of blogs, forums, and many other applications.

The Control Panel

Your account is managed through the control panel. The control panel or cPanel provided by Bluehost is an important feature that allows you to manage and maintain your websites. The cPanel provides access to various other tasks such as your email accounts.
Whether your knowledge of websites is as a beginner or experience user you can find what you need on the cPanel. There are many resources and tutorials to help understand the many features of Bluehost. There is a huge database of knowledge that many find useful when they get stuck.

Bluehost has partnered up with various sources to help your Internet marketing business stay on track. All the tools needed for Internet marketing are all in one place. 

Bluehost has a money back guarantee that reflects the reputation of this company. They honor their guarantees and if there is a problem someone is available to help.

Why choose Bluehost?

Many people seem to feel that the support and stability factor are what makes Bluehost a quality webhosting service. Bluhost is a proven web hosting company, who has above average customer and technical support. This is a consistent and professional company that will provide all of your website needs. No matter how inexperienced or experienced you are, your needs can be met.


Bluhost is a company whose mission is to provide good quality support services at reasonable prices. Bluehost is a company I have confidence in when it comes to supporting my websites. 

Date Reviewed: June 8, 2012, 11:22 pm
Reviewed by evan75
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