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The planner can be received electronically immediately after purchasing. A email is sent with a link that accesses the planner.


The Treasure Hunt party planner is not on a CD or printed in a hard copy book


No party is complete without good entertaintment and this is a good product to have at all your parties and special events.

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Treasure Hunt Party Game from Nikki Wilson
A Review Of Treasure Hunt Party Game
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Treasure Hunt Party Game Is Fun

Treasure Hunt Party Game

Treasure Hunt Party Game is a company that specializes in party planning games of all types. This review is about one of the games offers through this company. However the games all carry a central theme that focus on holidays and any other special occasion. The Treasure Hunt Party Game planner is a book written to help people plan a party with a treasure hunt theme. This party is ideal for both adults and children. There are two versions available for adults and children.

Creating and planning parties can be quite difficult and stressful. This company offers a party planner that focuses on all types of fun games and activities that can be introduced at your party. The planner that you get will show a person how to organize and set up a treasure hung party.

There are two versions of this game, although the games are pretty much the same, there are some differences. The children's version aimed at children 6-16 years of age is a lot simpler and the setup easier. The adult version has features built in to keep the adults honest and from using shortcuts in the game. How long a person wants the games to last is dependent upon the complexity of the puzzles and challenges.

What is the Treasure Hunt Game?

The Treasure Hunt Game is a game that focuses on finding a hidden treasure or prize. Treasure hunts can be set up in teams or individuals. The hunt is centered on six locations and at each stop a team is required to finish a challenge or a puzzle in order to get a part of the clue. The games are about finding different stations in a certain order and solving puzzles or challenges When all of the challenges and puzzles have been solved, then the clues given out will all add up to the location of the map. Once the map is found we turn our attention to the treasure's whereabouts and finding the hidden location. Games can be played for an hour or longer by adding and making the game harder to complete.

Planning these types of parties is not difficult with the help of this party planner. The planner has all the necessary items needed to play the game. The hardest part of planning comes in reading and following the directions to make sure you know how everything fits together. There are some props that will be needed but these are items that are probably already around the house. The whole planning process does not take longer than a couple of hours to put together.

The treasure hunt is flexible enough to be held at many locations. A person just needs to have enough space for all the players to move around freely. Having separate rooms and hidden areas are a plus with this game.

The Treasure Hunt Game is flexible enough to use alongside any other theme parties ideas that a person can come up with. These themes can be incorporated to use with your theme or style.

These party planner books contains more ideas for children and adult theme parties. Included in the books are old favorites and new versions of games that can be played and enjoyed.


I think what I like about the planner is the fact that it allows you to add your own ideas and plans. The theme can be your idea with help from the treasure hunt book to give you more options.

This book is offered with a one hundred percent money back guarantee. Your money is guaranteed to be refunded if you are not fully satisfied. This is well worth the money if your parties are a big hit with your children and adult friends.

Date Reviewed: October 1, 2012, 12:38 pm
Reviewed by evan75
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