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ASUS Transformer Tablet Review From: ASUS

A great model of tablet with good storage and RAM and an affordable price.

Complaints that the plastic casing is cheaply made.

All in all, it's a decent tablet, cheaper than many models and with a nice screen but the price is a little high to justify the plastic case.

Is the ASUS Transformer Tablet Right for You?

As a busy entrepreneur and mom to five, I am often on the go and I need my business to travel with me. I have a lot of gadgets already but Im always looking for new ways to simplify and organize my life. I have a smartphone, a laptop and a netbook but for a while now, I have been thinking about taking the plunge and getting a tablet. Im just not sure which tablet to get.

There are now so many different types and brands on the market that there are plenty to choose from. Opinions are often biased when it comes to tablets. For example, an Apple fanboy is going to tell me to get an iPad but is the iPad really what I need?

My mind went to ASUS at the top of my choices because I have owned their laptops before and I have an ASUS netbook. I wondered if they had a tablet that would meet my needs so I decided to investigate.

As I was going through some different styles and manufacturers, I came across the ASUS Transformer TF300. This tablet really surprised me for several reasons, with the most important one being that it had an Android platform. Some of the other features are as follows:

Product Features

  • Android Platform
  • Docking Station
  • Large Viewing Screen
  • 3 Quad Core Processor
  • 32 GB Storage Expandable with Micro SD Card
  • Lightweight and Portable

After looking at all the different features, I was pretty excited about this tablet and decided to look explore more. The price was on track with other tablets with similar features and was a bit cheaper than some of the higher brand name ones like the iPad. It had all of the same things but for a competitive price. This made it slide a little further up my list but I wanted to learn more.

What is Making Me Want This

The main feature of many that has me wanting to pull out my credit card and buy one today is for the docking station. This docking station turns the tablet into a notepad in just a couple of seconds. Because the docking station has its own battery power, it actually extends the running time of the unit by almost three hundred percent.

This means that when I have to be out and about with the kids, I can bring along the docking station and work on the tablet with no added weight or worrying about the battery running out. I love this aspect of the unit but that is not all that I like. I also love the amount of storage and the amount of RAM for the price is great too. The iPad with this amount of RAM is a couple hundred dollars more than this unit.

But of course there must be at least a few bad points, too, right?

The Bad

I really tried to find something that I did not like about this tablet and the only thing that would be an issue with me is that the casing is made of cheap plastic. This is a worry because Ill be putting it in my diaper bag or purse so I need it to have some stability. Having said that I am not above buying a small hard case that it would fit in when I need to be mobile and that can protect the unit from any damage. So its a very minor setback and with the money I would save purchasing this tablet, it wouldnt be a stretch at all to buy a quality case for protection.

How Others Feel

D. Wilhoit claims, When I took it out of the box I was immediately disapointed. Regardless of what anyone else tells you, the plastic does feel cheap.
J. R. O. Neal states, This is an awesome tablet. Extremely powerful and versatile. Some purists will say the display isn't up to par, but that's ridiculous. This is a stunning display even if it falls short of the highest pixel count available. The performance is better than the iPad 3, it's a beautiful device and it offers the unique ability to pop into a keyboard base and "transform" into a laptop. Combine that with it' s low price and Apple is outdone and forgotten. Buy it now.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, I have not made up my mind about whether or not Ill purchase this tablet. I really most aspects of it, but for the price, it seems that the ASUS Transformer should be sturdier and that is a big deal for me. If one of my children got a hold of it, it would break and Im not quite ready to throw away four hundred dollars. If I do not come across any other tablets that have this cool docking station then I may just bite the bullet and purchase one of these. It if was $100 or so cheaper, Id buy it in a heartbeat.

Date Reviewed: May 10, 2012, 8:50 pm
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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