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Ab Coaster Max Review From: AbCoasterMax.com

Good for toning abdominals, great for people with lower back problems

Not a full body work out or any cardio exercise, pricey

Excellent for targeting abdominal muscles, good customer reviews as a 'starter' exercise for toning the core

Ab Coaster MAX: The perfect machine for the perfect body?

Is the Ab Coaster MAX such a beast? The ‘workout watchdog’ certainly seems to think so. ‘Taking abdominal training in a whole new direction’ ‘The perfect addition to your workout regime’ ‘the answer to your prayers’: these are just a few of the superlatives lavished on this simple piece of equipment, designed to exercise the abdominal muscles ‘from the bottom up’.

There’s no doubt that it’s clever. Expressly targeted at removing ‘belly fat’ (could there be a more unpleasant expression?) – post pregnancy or post too-much-beer drinking, (and also to those whose heart’s desire is a ‘ripped midsection’); this machine takes the thinking out of unearthing your six pack. Instead of having to engage your core through the (highly effective, but difficult) hanging leg raise (remember those rings that hung from the roof of the school gym?), you kneel on the seat, take hold of the arms in front of you and ‘ride on up’. This is the ‘fast track for great abs’. ‘It’s too easy, all I’m doing is coasting’ say the success stories on the official website. ‘I saw results straight away’. ‘I haven’t worn this dress size in years.’

Tantalizing words. Who wouldn’t want to make such a boast, especially if it’s true, and all down to a simple piece of equipment.

And the customers certainly like it. Four stars on Amazon. It was the ‘starter I needed’ said one reviewer, who’d had knee surgery and back problems and whose stomach muscles ‘pretty much had never been used for anything except holding fat.’ Users are keen to point out, however, that abdominal exercise will not burn fat – only strengthen abs whilst supporting the back. This is no small advance, however, because stronger abs and core will, in turn, enable users to sustain the cardio exercise they need to really attack the ‘belly fat’. It’s a question of understanding how the body works, rather than expecting miracles.

This is the crux of the matter. Ab Coaster is a great machine for toning the abs and is particularly useful for people with lower back problems who find it painful to do traditional stomach crunches. But it will not ‘burn’ belly fat or give a full body workout. It is targeted machine with a very clear market. It is sturdy and well-built, easy to construct and use and comes with a 30 day trial offer. On the downside it is expensive for a one-function machine ($250 + postage), takes up quite a large area of space and has a short warranty period (60 days, plus you have to send them the money for your machine to be returned). This seems unnecessary, as by all accounts it is generally well built and smooth running.

So if your ‘perfect body’ is an ab-sculpted, six-pack-ripped, ultra-chiseled core then this machine is a good alternative to thousands of sit-ups. But the only way to lose that stubborn belly fat is cardio cardio cardio. And you can do hanging leg-raises for free in the pool, after your full body cardio swim.

Date Reviewed: September 29, 2011, 6:39 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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