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The Acid Alkaline diet reduces the disastrous effects of consuming harmful acids contained in the foods we eat.


The information is presented in a way which leaves the reader overwhelmed.


Following the guidelines of the Acid Alkaline diet will improve your overall health.

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Acid Alkaline Diet from Acid Alkaline Diet
Acid Alkaline Diet Review
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Acid Alkaline Diet - REVIEW (Real customer feedback)

You are what you eat.

You are undoubtedly aware that the foods you eat play an important role in maintaining good health. While there are foods that are good for us to eat to maintain good health, some of the ingredients in those foods, namely certain types of acids, may actually be slowly harming our health. The information contained in the Acid Alkaline diet booklets is thoroughly thought provoking and eye-opening when divulging the types of foods which contain high levels of acid.

Wait, you're telling me that even though I'm eating healthy foods, I may still be putting my health at risk?

Yes. Many fruits and vegetables contain acids including citric acid and other acids that can lead to tooth decay, development of ulcers,  skin irritations, and allergic reactions throughout the body that manifest themselves in the forms of skin rash, yellowing of the skin, poor eye health, poor kidney health and poor heart health.  Many debilitating diseases in the body can be prevented by following the Acid Alkaline diet.

If you feel you are eating the right foods, you should examine your total overall health and general well-being.

Do you feel tired? do you feel sensations of pain and swelling? Are you noticing changes in the way your teeth feel? are you losing the vibrant appearance of your skin because of premature aging and unsightly blemishes and yellowing of the skin? If you can answer yes to any one of these seemingly insignificant questions, then you may benefit from beginning the Acid Alkaline Diet. Foods such as meats, foods processed with vinegar, and citrus fruits have a high acid content. While these foods may promote better health in other ways, the acid contained can slowly erode your health.

The Acid Alkaline Diet is not a typical diet.

The first thing many people think of when they hear dieting is losing weight. The Acid Alkaline Diet is not meant to help you lose weight, per se.. While the harmful acids contained in some foods, whether they be naturally occurring acids or acids added to processed foods can cause weight gain. The idea behind the Acid Alkaline Diet is to consume acids in moderation, as some acids are essential to the body, while at the same time neutralizing the harmful effects these acids can have on the body over time if the acids are consumed in massive quantities.

Following the Acid Alkaline diet is easy in some ways, but difficult in others.

Because the Acid Alkaline diet is not intended to lose weight, you should not concern yourself with calories, Carbohydrates can cause excessive acids in the body, therefore it is essential to watch carbohydrate intake while you are on the Acid Alkaline diet,. The information in the Acid Alkaline diet recommends foods to eat that can help you become accustomed to monitoring carbohydrate intake.

You May find it difficult to begin the process of elimination as you begin to eliminate acid containing foods, and add foods which have low acid content.

Following the Acid Alkaline diet is easy because there is a high likelihood that you like--and perhaps are already eating--many of the foods which are included in the diet.

You will see the benefits of the Acid Alkaline Diet immediately.

As you begin the diet, you may find your body working overtime to get rid of its wastes. This is the diet's way of detoxifying the body. Once the body detoxifies it begins to heal. Many users of the diet report that they feel renewed vitality, less anxious, less nervous, and less stressed.You will notice younger looking skin, healthier looking teeth, stronger bones, and improved muscle tone within the first few weeks of using the Acid Alkaline diet.
Date Reviewed: March 5, 2012, 12:33 pm
Reviewed by Charlie Bradley
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