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Adjusterpro Review Easy Certification For Insurance Claims Jobs
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Adjusterpro Review - Easy Certification for Insurance Claims Jobs?

Insurance Claims Jobs 101:
So I'm going to start with the basics and assume you're investigating becoming an independent insurance adjuster and you've probably heard getting a Texas or Florida license is a good place to start. Actually, getting a license in your home state is the best place to start. A resident license always trumps a non-resident license and there's a lot of confusion about reciprocity, which I'm going to clear up in this article. That said, many states don't require a license at all. If you are from one of those states, you will want to get a non-resident license from another state and my top pic for your first license would be Texas (which I'll explain below.)

The following states don't require a license: Colorado, District of Columbia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin. So, if youíre from any of these states, you will need to get licensed out of state. Why bother if youíre only intending to stay local? Well, first of all itís unrealistic for an independent insurance adjuster to stay local. Independent adjusters get most of their work from catastrophic events like flooding and hurricanes. You go to where the damage is and you need to be on call, because those are the times when insurance companies find themselves understaffed.

Secondly, insurance companies will want to see that youíre licensed somewhere. So even if youíre looking for a staff adjuster position, you will need your resume to stand out from the crowd. A Texas non-resident license is considered by insurance companies to be the best. It actually is no better than a Florida non-resident license when it comes to reciprocity. However, since the perception is that a Texas license holds greater merit, youíll get further with it when it comes to insurance companies assessing your job application. Thatís reason enough. The good news is that a Texas license is also known to be one of the easiest to obtain, in terms of their testing.†
What About Reciprocity?

Here are the states where youíll be able to obtain a reciprocal license (i.e. no further testing, saving you time and expense) with your Texas license: Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina. The following states will not grant reciprocal licenses to your non-resident Texas license (i.e. youíll have to get certified in your home state or possibly in the individual state, depending on their reciprocity agreement with your home state, if you want to work in any of the following): Alaska, Georgia, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah, Wyoming, West Virginia, Washington.

Here are states that flat out donít grant reciprocity: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and New York. These states all require that adjusters take their own particular adjuster exam or pre-licensing course. Nevada does not grant an adjuster license to anyone except residents of Nevada. California and Nevada have particularly tough exams so you might want to get a non-resident Texas license if you live in one of those states. Youíll have plenty of work options available to you with the Texas non-resident license due to all the states with reciprocity agreements in place. Furthermore, a lot of those states are in the mid-west and vulnerable to the types of catastrophies which will demand your services.

So what kind of services does Adjusterpro provide?

Adjusterpro has an A rating with the BBB. They offer a wide range of online as well as classroom courses designed for any stage in your adjusting career, whether youíre just starting out and are looking to get your first license, you need continuing education credits, you are looking to broaden your areas of specialization, or maybe youíve realized how essential knowing xactimate is for closing your claims more quickly and efficiently because that has a profound effect on your bottom lineÖ itís time to bite the bullet.

Their online courses includes Property Technical Certification, live Xactimate training, Texas all-lines or total adjuster package, Florida certified adjuster designation or total adjuster package, Indiana pre-licensing or total adjuster package and Georgia prelicensing or total adjuster package. You can also sign up online for their physical classroom offerings which take place in Orlando or West Palm Beach Fla., Houston or Arlington Tx., New Orleans or Indianapolis. Their classroom setting options include all the classes above as well as Practical Adjusting 101, which is a great introduction to the world of being an adjuster.

The online courses save you travel time and significant expense. Just as an example, their online Texas All-Lines Adjuster license goes for $249 while the classroom version is $399. Itís really down to how you learn best. You may want to switch it up, taking some classes online and some in person.†
Other cool Adjusterpro Features:

Adjusterpro also has one of the most impressive blogs Iíve ever reviewed. The writing is eloquent and extremely precise and clear about the ins and outs of this potentially very lucrative industry. Did you know that it isnít unreasonable for an independent adjuster to make over $1,000/day? Bear in mind this is dependent on circumstances, but it is easily possible to earn six figures in this industry within a 6 month time frame, leaving you free to enjoy the rest of your time as youíd like to. While itís unrealistic to see this as a part time job since you will need to be available when the unexpected happens, there are some wonderful perks, like working for yourself, or the option to work as a team, as well as free time between jobs.†
The Adjusterpro team really prides itself on properly preparing you for the industry and offers support for everything from creating your resume to resource guides on each state's specific licensing requirements. This staff are genuinely interested in providing support for their students.

My take:

Adjusterpro is an ideal way to move forward with licensing and certification from the comfort of your home or depending on where you live you may want to take advantage of their classroom options. Either way I highly recommend adjusterpro for your educational needs in the insurance claims adjustment industry.
Date Reviewed: March 21, 2012, 10:27 am
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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