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It's made for men and offers numerous tips about nutrition and working out. You'll also gain access to a secret forum about the program--for free.


Many of its principles are based on broscience--advice that is based on bad science.


It's a good beginner's program, but many of its nutrition rules can be safely discarded.

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The Adonis Effect from Brad Howard
Adonis Effect Review
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"The Adonis Effect" by Brad Howard - REVIEW

So what is the ideal body type--for men?

In Hollywood, thinner is always better, even at the expense of muscle.  In the bodybuilding world, the likes Ronnie Coleman and Phil Health are adored, and even worshiped for their huge, muscular physiques.  The Average Joe worships any number of models or sports stars.

But fitness expert Brad Howard claims he's uncovered the secret to the perfect male physique, based on a special ratio.  He calls it the "Golden Ratio"--a ratio that, throughout time, has been shown to be the best ratio of beauty.  And now he's applying that ratio to a person's physique, and explaining how to get this physique, in a controversial book simple called The Adonis Effect.

Here's what you need to know about this book.

What is The Adonis Effect?

The Adonis Effect is a 167 page eBook exclusively available on The Adonis Effect website, which explains how to make your physique closely match the "Golden Ratio."

Howard argues that this ratio has always been held as a standard of attractiveness throughout time--and that same standard can also be applied to the male body to determine the perfect and most attractive physique.

In this case, it's having a well-developed, muscular body with wide shoulders and a small waist.  This is the "perfect" body type.

To achieve this, you'll go on a specialized diet and exercise program designed to modify your physique.  Low body fat and good muscular development are keys to the look, and Howard offers three plans to achieve it: the Burn, the Build, and the Build and Burn program.

The Burn program is designed to lower body fat and the size of your waist; the Build program is designed to make you more muscular.  If you're "overfat", or have too much body fat, you'll diet down with the Burn program.  If you happen to be a hardgainer, however, you need to build muscle--and you'll eat and exercise according to the Build program.

The nutrition concepts are simple: You need to eat frequently and you need to eat right.  For the exercise portion of the program, you need to exercise several times a week, with some of the focus put on developing your shoulders.  These exercises aren't straight bodybuilding exercises though--they also mix in bodyweight exercises, with repetitions ranging from 8 to 21.

Follow The Adonis Effect guidelines perfectly and Howard claims you will achieve the "perfect" body.  When you purchase the eBook, you'll also gain access to its private forum, where you can talk with others about the program.

Issues with The Adonis Effect

Although the eBook is based on several good principles, it falters in some areas.  For instance, the workout routines put a lot of focus on shoulder development, which can result in muscle imbalances.  Physically, you may look better, but functionally-speaking, it's just not a good or safe idea to work out one muscle group so much, especially with little rest.  Muscles need rest to grow, something that this program sorely lacks.

In addition to this, this program utilizes what are called "broscience" principles, or principles based on bad science.  An example of this is its frequent eating rule--eating several times a day to lean out.  Multiple studies have shown there are literally no benefits to eating more frequently, especially if you want to lose fat.  What matters more is your calorie deficit.

What the Customers are Saying

Here's the bad thing: There are no reviews from customers.  Outside of The Adonis Effect forum, which can only be accessed by people who have bought the program, there are no customer reviews available. 
However, one person on a bodybuilding website, who bought the program, says that "there is a forum and from what i have read most people who bough [sic] this book are not very happy, they say it takes forever to build muscles on this."


So what's the verdict: Should you or shouldn't you buy it?

While there are some definite weaknesses to this program, The Adonis Effect does lay out a simple plan for working out--although the workout itself could use some improvement.  If you're beginning to just work out, however, The Adonis Effect guidelines can help you develop a better, healthier lifestyle.
Date Reviewed: February 23, 2012, 8:55 am
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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