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Very good for beginner players or anyone who wants to master the game mechanics of SWTOR. A polished and professional product with high-quality video guides.


Not enough information for more experienced gamers. Too expensive for what it is.


I review the Aeon SWTOR as a great choice for "newbie" gamers, but not so much for anyone who already has experience playing the game.

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Sam Frost : I'm a university student from Christchurch, New Zealand (that's the town famou...Member Reputation 9 • 2 active Krits
Aeon SWTOR Guide from Aeon Guide
Aeon SWTOR Guide Review
Sam Frost rates this 3.5/5
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Aeon SWTOR Guide Review - What you Need to Know

Star Wars is one of the most successful franchises of all time. From the 6 films (and their seemingly infinite numbers of re-masters and re-releases) through to video games, Star Wars is an incredible cultural icon. 

One of the best Star Wars video games to have come out in recent years is Star Wars: The Old Republic. This popular online RPG game is pretty much World of Warcraft in space – plus it's based in the Star Wars galaxy (you know, that one far, far away) In this Aeon SWTOR guide review I'll be walking you through one of the leading strategy guides for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

There is a lot of competition in the SWTOR guide market, but the Aeon guide has managed to prove itself as one of the most popular titles available. It's sold plenty of copies since its release, and has been updated a number of times now to keep pace with in-game changes.

The whole point of the Aeon SWTOR guide is to provide you with a complete questing and levelling walk-through for the game, regardless of whether you play as a Republic or Empire character.

According to the sales pitch page, the Aeon guide will:

* Teach you how to “power level” your character to hit the level cap as quickly as possible. Power leveling is always popular with online * RPG games as a way of cutting down on the amount of time you have to waste building levels.
* Provide you with formidable PvE (player vs enemy) builds for your character. These are designed to help you beat AI enemies with ease.
* Explore the most powerful PvP (player vs player) builds. If you are interested in competing against other players in SWTOR then PvP builds will be of the biggest interest to you.
* Show you the best abilities and talents for both factions, no matter what character build you pick.
* Help you choose the best possible gear and items, so you can just click and play.

That all sounds rather fantastic, doesn't it? In fact, it kind of sounds like the Aeon guide is using the Force to help you dominate SWTOR. But is the Aeon guide really that good?

In all honesty, I found it to be pretty mediocre. As someone who plays a reasonable number of video games (and who has played online RPG games like World of Warcraft in the past) the Aeon SWTOR guide doesn't really teach much that you won't discover yourself through playing the game. Also, most of the builds and questing guides can be found for free in Star Wars: The Old Republic discussion forums or on free game guide websites like GameFAQs. If you're an experienced gamer, or someone who picks up the mechanics of a game quickly, then you will most likely be disappointed with the Aeon SWTOR guide.

Now that's not to say it has no redeeming features! Here are some of the great parts of the Aeon guide:

* It is a very slick and professional product – from the design of the website through to the guide itself, everything looks and feels great.
* The video guides for leveling and character builds are very easy-to-follow and teach quite a lot of useful information.
* For beginners/newbies, you will learn an amazing amount about the basic mechanics of the game. The Aeon guide will remove a lot of the frustration that can accompany being a beginner SWTOR player. In fact, if you're new to the game (or online RPGs in general) then I think this is a great option for improving your skills.
* The customer service offered by the Aeon team is second to none. If you have a question or complaint you will get an answer via email rapidly. 
* You get a 60 day money-back guarantee if you aren't satisfied – that gives a lot of peace of mind.

At $57 USD for the complete guide that covers both the Republic and Empire factions, it's pretty expensive for what you get too. You can pay less and buy a guide for just one of the factions, but if you're going to purchase the Aeon SWTOR guide I'd recommend that you pay the full $57 (in case you ever start another character with a different faction)

In conclusion, if you're a SWTOR newbie then I'd rate the Aeon guide as a great choice. However, if you've got more gaming experience then you will most likely find it too “thin” to warrant the investment.

May the Force be with you!

Star Wars is one of the most successful franchises of all time. From the 6 films (and their seemingly infinite numbers of re-masters and re-releases) through to video games, Star Wars is an incredible cultural icon.
Date Reviewed: April 15, 2012, 1:50 am
Reviewed by Sam Frost
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