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Affiliate Resurrection's tutorial video's are informative and has good useful applicable information for people starting out in this business. There is a sixty day money back guarantee.


I think as opposed to all the upsells that they probably should have packaged everything together.


Affiliate Resurrection is a solid platform to start your affiliate education with, the program is user friendly and requires little or no technical knowledge in computers.

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Affiliate Resurrection from Richard Selby
Affiliate Resurrection Review
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Affiliate Resurrection: Is It As Good As Advertised?

Affiliate Resurrection?

Affiliate Resurrection is software created to give affiliate marketers both new and experienced marketers a program aimed at teaching and educating them about affiliate marketing. The platform comes with a backlink building tool, webinars, and information about find the right niche. There has been a lot of hype concerning this particular product. Sometimes the hype is just that hype. This product was released in September, 2011. That is why we use research and review to filter out the good from the bad products on the market.

When you first log into the system you are taken to the dashboard. Here you will find a calendar for keeping track of your daily activities. I found this to be one of the useful reasons for using this program. This is a good feature to have as it keeps you up to date with your training and business activities.

What Affiliate Resurrection has to offer?

Informational webinars about affiliate marketing
Traffic building tools
Affiliate Resurrection comes with the ability to set up Wordpress sites.
Affiliate program to join module
Viral pro feature that allows your blogs to spread faster across the Internet
Affiliate Resurrection main goal is to help new affiliate's learn the business and show them the steps needed for success by using this product. This product seems like it is still incomplete in the way of fully supporting affiliates. However the videos make this a product that can be useful. Although the information can be gotten from the Internet free with a little bit of research.

Some of the topics covered in the videos are:

Introduction to Affiliate Resurrection- gives an overview of how Affiliate Resurrection can help you grow your business. The video explains how AR can show you how to grow multiple streams of income through having multiple websites.
An overview of the dashboard gives a tour of the dashboard and how to make it effective in your business.
Viral pro creates viral backlinks back to the affiliate’s website. 

Finding the right niches- This section explains the importance of finding a suitable niche that has low supply and high demand. Markets can become saturated with competition.This tool helps to find markets that fit the affiliate's criteria for a marketing success. Using the techniques outlined in AR, an affiliate can set up several websites aimed at specific niches. These websites are aimed at smaller markets where competition is not as crowded.

Keyword research- keyword research is a vital component in the affiliate marketing arena and having this tool is a necessary feature. Techniques on how to do keyword research and the tools used to do the research are explained. 

Domain and hosting lets you control multiple hosting and domains in this section.
Configuring and creating your first website
Ideas for creating content and using PLR articles to drive traffic to your website.

There is useful information to be gotten from this software, but it is still limited in many ways. There seems to be room for improvement and I do believe that the creators will work to upgrade and improve Affiliate Resurrection. 

Bad Points 

The things I did not like about Affiliate Resurrection were the upsells on the other products offered through the program. I believe everything you need should be supplied initially. I am also confused as to the actual owners of the software. 

Good Points

You don’t have to a webmaster to set up a website. Following directions are simple and easy. The dashboard has a calendar and easy to understand sections. This area I liked a lot because it’s user friendly. Good for people starting out in affiliate marketing at a good affordable price. The tutorial videos are not very long. I think this helps as to not get you bored and lose interest in your video. They are short and insightful. The calendar on the dashboard allows for planning and keeping track of tasks needed to complete. I think addressing getting quality backlinks to your website is one point that definitely requires good information about.


Affiliate Resurrection is a good program for beginners who are interested in starting an affiliate marketing business. The program gives good information on various areas of the marketing business. They also give you links to merchants who have successful affiliate marketing programs. Some of these programs are leaders in this area.

Date Reviewed: July 2, 2012, 2:15 pm
Reviewed by evan75
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