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"Fly Cheap!" combines detailed information about times when airlines reduce rates on tickets with information about how to use that to your advantage.


The last update was in fall 2011 -- some information may be outdated.


Overall, this product seems to be a good value. Some of the more outlandish claims were not addressed by reviewers, but the basic information about saving money on tickets has proven successful for many.

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Fly Cheap! from Stefan Vandevelde
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Purchasing airline tickets may be one of the most intimidating parts of planning a vacation. Often, prices are high or added fees push a bargain priced ticket into the realm of impossibility. In today’s economy, when saving money is more vital than ever, people are looking for ways to save on everything in their lives. “Fly Cheap!” by Stefan Vandevelde promises to provide insider information that will guarantee you will save money on your next airline ticket purchase.

As the story goes, Vandevelde is a former airline employee with inside connections and he’s written a tell-all eBook. Any book that claims to offer insider information should immediately be suspect, no matter the subject, but users of this book claim that the advice given is practical in nature. While his methods are not as earth-shattering as Vandevelde would have you believe, users say he does teach you effective methods of saving on airfare.

“Fly Cheap!” seems to rely largely on Vandevelde’s knowledge of the times and days that airlines generally put unsold tickets on sale. After all, they’d rather sell the seats at a discount than have unsold tickets. He also discusses methods of getting a partial refund for your ticket if the price drops substantially. All of this information is very useful if a person has the inclination to put it to work. Vandevelde teaches the reader how to apply it to their best advantage.

Readers Are Flying Cheap

“I have never come across so much useful information which I can actually use straight away. This eBook is easy to read and I intent to recommend it to my friends and family. Before reading this I knew only the basic ways to save money on flight costs (take advantage of late booking, fly in a group, etc) but it wasn't always suitable in all situations.” ~Monika,

“It used to drive me nuts, as every time I found a good deal and thought I had found the perfect flight at the perfect price, something else would come along as soon as I bought the tickets… it became a bit of an obsession with me for a while. I finally realized that I was stressing out way too much for the amount of money that I was actually saving. Nowadays, I have a quick hunt for cheap airplane tickets with the help of “Fly Cheap!”, buy the best deal following his advice, and no longer need to worry about saving a few extra bucks. …and simply relax and look forward to my vacation, wherever it may be.”

“This may not seem like a lot, however this 47 page ebook is filled with a wealth of information that will definitely save you money in your pocket. Talk about booking a round trip to Jamaica for $392 for two adults. This was back in June, when I took a vacation with my Fiancee to the beautiful Island of Jamaica. Finding those tickets was a dream come through, which afforded us the opportunity to go to the tropical Island of Jamaica, which we always wanted to do.”


Stefan Vandevelde seems to be dispensing travel gold in his book “Fly Cheap!” Whether or not his claims of having insider information are true, his information is effective. He seems to understand the airline industry in a way that many other discount ticket eBook peddlers do not. His advice is basic, like checking various dates and times for cheaper flights – but beyond giving this information and setting you loose, he suggests times and days that are much more likely to experience significant savings. If you don’t have a particular time or date when you must fly out, this information can be helpful.

Users say they’re saving both time and money by using this eBook. Since most people consider their time to be valuable, the actual savings continue to mount. The book even suggests a free piece of software that will help users comb the Internet for flight discounts. The book was updated in preparation for the 2011 Holiday season, but does not seem to have seen an update since, so the possibility exists that some of the material may no longer be accurate. Still, much of the advice Vandevelde offers is perennial.

All and all, if you need help securing cheap airline tickets and are willing to apply the lessons you’ve learned, this book may well be the answer to your prayers. The information isn’t earth-shattering, but to go out and compile the data yourself would take considerable time and effort. The $27 price of the book is certainly worth the time it saves.
Date Reviewed: March 18, 2012, 9:34 am
Reviewed by Kristi Waterworth
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Mazy11 I am traveling down to Australia this summer from America and this ebook really helped me find the right flight for me. I wouldn't want to travel half way across the world on a plane that I didn't do research on. mazy11 Rating
Tue, May 01, 2012 3:44PM • By: mazy11rssreport user
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