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FULL REVIEW: All American "921" Pressure Cooker & Canner

How often do people talk about passing goods on to their grandchildren?

Rarely, I think you'll agree. And with kitchen equipment virtually never (although I remember a battered old teapot that we used to used as kids that I think my dad has still got somewhere...)

Well the All American Pressure Cooker/Canner is one such piece. 

Users regale stories of their Grandmother's canners ('2000 cans a year') which outlasted her generation and the next.

This is an American classic.

Priced at $199.99, the cooker is made of hand-cast aluminum and holds 19 pint jars or 7 quart jars.

Features include the exclusive "metal-to-metal" sealing system for a steam-tight seal; geared steam gauge and automatic pressure release.

This is a heavy-duty beast recommended for pressure canning meat, fish, poultry, and all vegetables - the high heat generated will kill more bacteria than a regular hot water bath. 

We used a friend's for canning fresh-caught salmon and it was the simplest operation imaginable. Just cut chunks of salmon, add lemon or herbs or salt if you wish, slip the cans in to the canner and hey presto we have racks and racks of beautiful, perfectly cooked salmon preserved for years to come.

You can also prepare large quantities of food and pressure cook inexpensive meat cuts to 'juicy tenderness in a jiffy.'

Made in Wisconsin, the adjectives used to describe this pressure cooker are 'sturdy' 'high quality' 'industrial strength.' One of the pressure cooker's great strengths is the fact that it requires no rubber or plastic gaskets or rings and many customers commented on this. 

'No gasket required!,' said one customer, who continued. 'Before purchasing a canner, I did a lot of reading... and saw endless inquiries about sources for gaskets for canners ranging from a few years old to many decades old. It was clear some of these people had spent many, many hours in search of a gasket. Avoiding the need for a gasket became a major criteria for my purchase.'

'Solid clamping locks align the cover to the base forming a steam tight seal,' said another. 'Because there is no gasket, your cover is always easily opened and closed.'
 'The slide clips and screw-downs securely fasten the lid to the pot. No blow-outs with this baby. The weighted pressure gauge makes operation almost foolproof.'

So anyone (like me) who has been put off using pressure cookers/canners by inferior, unstable pots with ill-fitting lids, can put their worries aside with the AAPC.

But if you do ever find yourself needing support or replacement parts, then the company's support and website comes highly recommended. 'But I doubt you'll ever need them,' says one user.

'This will outlast you and your kids. Very well made, and the company has a full line of replacement parts should they ever be needed,' said another.

The only provisos mentioned in extensive and glowing reviews were that this is a heavy weight product - built for strength and longevity. It weights 20 pounds when empty so you need to be aware that many people would find it difficult to carry around, especially when full. Leave it on the stove and remove the cans from there!

Also it is quite large and you will need to check that it fits under your range - you need at least 16 inches clarance.

And a couple of reviewers mention that this size means it may not be the ideal product if you intend to use it only as a cooker (not a canner). However, 'if you regularly have to cook huge batches of food, though, this may be just what you need.'

Here are a few more superlatives I found.

'Solid as a rock. This is very well made and made in America!! That is important to me. Worth every penny.'

'I have had my AAPC for over 4 years and no noticeable wear ...seriously I can 2,000+ jars a year that is more than most people do in 5 years. If you buy an AAPC and don't use it, put it on craigslist and you can sell it in a day... canners in your area will beat your door down to buy it for less than new...that's how good and how well known these are with canning enthusiast.'

'Buy this and pass it on to your grandchildren!!!'

'I've been told that my Grandmother sent 1000's of cans through this in her day and I intend to do the same.'

'There are no plastic seals or gaskets to mess with or replace, easy to clean and AAPC sells replacement parts reasonably and provides inspection services and their warranty is outstanding.'

'Deserves 10 stars!'

No more wasted vegetables from the garden. Seal your food in perfect freshness with no additives or wastage. Buy an AAPC canner!
Date Reviewed: April 9, 2012, 10:27 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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