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easy to use, attacks stains rather than covering them, relatively cheap


cancellation and refund policy, small print terms and conditions


read all small print and keep on top of cancellation dates/options

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Alta White Teeth Whitening from Alta White
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AltaWhite Teeth Whitening Review - Will It Really Make You Smile?

A dazzling white 'celebrity' smile...
A simple process, takes only minutes to apply. Professional results at home.

The even have a money back guarantee and a 'free trial.'
Sounds great, doesn't it? All available with a few clicks from
Apparently, demand for tooth whitening has risen 300% in the last decade, and there's no doubt that multiple products have risen up to take advantage of the market.
Your dentist, for example, no doubt offers tooth whitening services.
But they will almost certainly be expensive, take a long time, and could involve bulky crowns or veneers.
So it's easy to be tempted.
'Itís the best thing that ever happened to me!' says the model on the Alta White website. 'Before Alta White, I always tried to hide my teeth.'
It's 'easy to use' and 'works right away.'
So what is this system and how does it work?
Most teeth-whitening systems use either a gel or strips to apply the solution to your teeth. Alta White use a swab system. After snapping the tip of the swab and wetting it, you dip it into the bleaching powder and wait a few seconds while the two chemicals bond. Then you gently apply it over your teeth.†
Mess-free and accurate to apply.
And the results are immediate, so Alta White, claim, because the product, unlike other tooth whiteners on the market, breaks down the stains on your teeth instead of covering them up.
And Alta White's system has the added benefit of breaking up plaque and leading to healthier teeth.
In comparison, whiting strips leave a film on your teeth which continuously breaks down, and your teeth return to the same (stained) condition.
Whereas Alta White treats the stain itself.
With immediate results promised, and a relatively cheap price of $49, the offer is attractive.
So will Alta White really make you smile?
Well, for a start off they admit that 'the best results do take some time.'
Just like a treatment at the dentist.
Users and reviews warn that you should see results almost immediately, but that they will be temporary.†
'The full-blown effects will come after a short period of constant treatment with the product, during which youíll gradually destroy any stain formations on your teeth.'
Others warn, 'there is no magic ward that can whiten your teeth overnight unless you go for those cosmetic dentistry veneers... If you want to buy Alta White, you should have the expectation that it will take you at least a month to see the effects.'
'Although the website claims you can see visible results in only 6 days, it took about 3 weeks before I saw any visible changes to the color of my teeth. So Iím not going to lie by telling you it works in 6 days or anything like that.'

That said, it does seem that the product is effective if used properly and consistently.
But be warned...
There is a great deal of grumbling online about shipping costs, hidden fees and particularly selling in terms of 'life-time membership.'

'They have a lot of hidden fees,' said one customer. 'Don't fall for the "free trial".'
There are many complaints about problems with canceling trials, the aforementioned life time charge and, most worryingly, money being taken from bank accounts from different company names.
'Holy cow...I went to cancel my trial offer on the 14th day after ordering and I still get hit with a 119.93 "lifetime" charge.'†

There is some good advice on the forums: Read the terms and conditions, especially at the bottom of the order page where the details of what sign up involves are explained. Make sure you cancel the contract in time. The company does state how and when they are going to charge you.
But this is in the small print.
If you're not careful you could run into problems.†
'I too have been well and truly duped - along with many others it seems......' said one customer.

Whereas another said, 'I actually found this stuff to be quite good. Clearly the majority of people have found it to be otherwise.'
The balanced view is summed up thus: 'I don't think this product is a scam. I must say, it IS a bit expensive, but let's face it...they state exactly how and when they are going to charge you.'
But it is nowhere near obvious and too easy just to click your way through to serious problems.
Make sure you cancel the contract after taking the offer.
In the tooth whitening world this product is relatively cheap and does work (although not immediately).
It is practical and easy to use - but as with any bleaching product, check with your dentist before proceeding.
It may be worth it for you - particularly as the alternatives are costly and time-consuming.
But the website lists no company contact details, phone, fax, address or email.
This should be a warning that customer service may be an issue, especially if you don't read the small print.
Date Reviewed: November 1, 2011, 1:32 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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