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This model of the machine is made for giving you quality of workout that is available only in the gymnasiums. It is made to suit the needs of various people with various demands. The programs, the levels and even the choice of inclination are all very advanced and give you a unique working out experience. Enjoy music, plan your workout regime and track your progress on the machine- it will give you all! The best part is that it is folding and can be folded when not in use. It occupies less floor space when


The only drawback I noticed in the product is that even though it can be shipped to all parts of the world, there is only a selective few places devoid from the service.


There arenít many reviews on this one but the Smooth 7.35 is bound to attract a lot of praise for its quality and reliability based on Smoothís other models in this price range. We would point out that folding treadmills are more for walkers than serious runners since a runner gives a treadmill a real beating and needs the better quality deck cushioning of a non-folding frame. If you want a variety of the workouts to stay motivated, priced at $1399.00 and the shipping is free of cost! Lucrative isnít it, se

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Amazon Smooth 7.35 folding treadmill from Smooth Fitness
Amazon Smooth 735 Folding Treadmill Review
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The Review of Smooth 7.35 Folding Treadmill


The Smooth 7.35 treadmill is true to its name. It runs smoothly without any noise and once you have set the speed the machine it is maintained uniformly. In case you are jumping from one speed to another the transition is smooth and not very abrupt. There are no sudden changes to give you shocks; rather it gives your body time enough to get adjusted with the new speed. It is ideally suited for getting yourself toned at home. Easy to use it is a sturdy machine that runs on 3.25 horsepower. You may fold the pedestal when not in use; this surely has made storage of the machine very convenient. I have been using the product since six months now and each day my level of satisfaction is growing.

Rugged exterior

On very first look at the treadmill, I liked the rugged exterior of the machine. Ordering on Amazon was easy and convenient and three weeks later the shipment arrived. It looked very sleek and as soon as it got set I was simply tempted to jump and experiment how it worked. After using it for the first time I felt that this machine was really very well built. It took my weight and did not even give out so much of a vibration! Additionally it is built to suffice the needs of all kinds of people like my teenage boy who is very active and often aggressive. He has loads of energy and the treadmill is able to combat this very well. The frame of the machine is tough but this does not mean that it is devoid of novelty. Its looks are very close to the professional treadmills we see in the gyms. It is made out of high quality material that is ready to handle the most demanding workout programs. Another aspect in the model that is very appreciating is the USB and MP3 port. Gone are the headphones that consistently distracted me when I worked out- now I simply play my favourite music on the treadmill and enjoy my workout regimes.

Specifications of the product

Regarding the specifications of the product, you can adjust a speed of 0.5 miles per hour to twelve miles per hour on the machine. The width of the walking surface is twenty inches and the length is sixty two inches and you can incline the walking surface in fifteen levels. Surely I begin with zero inclination and slowly now I have increase the inclination to burn even more energy. This machine is really made for performance! Consider the features it has- the heart rate monitor is like any other machine but you can set the heart rate you want in advance and the machine will make the intensity and speed in that rate; again there are twenty five automatic programs and this is not very rare. But you will be able to make a manual program to create your own workout regime. There are four programing options that you may alter. For example when I initially began I had a very simple speed and incline but now I have made it even more complex since it is quiet sometime now I have been on this program. Do you know it also allows you to test your fitness? Yes you can in fact measure your fitness level now!

Other specifications

The product has a backlit LCD display that makes it easy to comprehend what is on the display. It can be operated very easily and it will give you data like the number of calories burnt, the speed, time, the distance as well as a wireless monitor for heart rate. Since I owned this product I have become more meticulous in my workout regimes and with the correct information on display I have a complete analysis of my workout schedule. This machine challenges your workout with the different programs and in a way it increases you performance. Another added benefit is that since thus model of treadmill is supplied with shock absorbers it decreases the amount of shock to your knees and back. In all respect this product gives that support which is needed with no side effects. You too can rest assured, even if you spend longer period of time on the treadmill you will not develop any problems!


The manufacturer has attached a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor. The motor and frame is not likely to get damaged with any intensity of use but even if there are damages the manufacturer is sure to get it repaired. The parts that come associated with the treadmill have a warranty of seven years as in the electronic devices. They even assure of in-home service warranty for two years

Product dimensions

Regarding the dimensions the product weighs 210 pounds and can take a maximum capacity of 350 pounds. The exact measurement of the machine is 78 inches by 34 inches by 51 inches. It can be shipped in all countries other than Alaska, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

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Date Reviewed: July 18, 2012, 1:25 pm
Reviewed by Amzi Amz
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