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American Accent Audio Course from Sherri Summers
American Accent Audio Course Review
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"American Accent Audio Course" by - REVIEW

'Sound better when you speak English', says Sherri Summers, author and presenter of the American Accent Audio Course.

We all know that first impressions are a strong influence on how people perceive us. This extends past how we look and how we behave to how we speak and sound.

And no matter how good your command of the English language is, if people don't understand your accent then they will stop listening to you.

Imagine: you're in a interview, it's your dream job, you know everything about this area and are highly qualified. But the panel look puzzled by your answers, some of them are already glazing over and switching off.

Not because of what you say, but because your accent isn't clear to them.

This course is for all professionals who speak English with a foreign accent.

Sherri uses 'amazing' techniques to help you 'learn the secrets of the American Accent.'  

Your new accent will enhance your communication, your credibility, advance your career and (most importantly) give you the confidence in the English-speaking World to be the best you can possibly be.

'Never have to repeat yourself again,' says Sherri. Never worry about meetings, presentations, telephone calls, interviews or just those all important 'water-cooler' conversations.

Never stay quiet in case you're not understood.

The American Accent Audio course will show you the 'music' of the language. This music (intonation, rhythm and timing) is actually the first thing that babies learn, long before they can form or pronounce words. And it carries just as much meaning and feeling as words and phrases.

This audio course teaches you the patterns of sound that native English speakers use but have never really had to think about, because they learned it as a baby in their cot.

You will learn via 24 downloadable audio lessons (approximately 16 hours) created in mp3 format so you can listen whenever and wherever you wish.

Plus a workbook and 'awareness journal' to accompany the audio lessons.

The course is designed for adults who didn't grow up speaking English, but learned the language as teenagers or adults.

And the endorsements on the American Accent Audio Course website are encouraging.

'I just delivered a very important speech yesterday and it went very well. I got a lot of compliments on my accent and fluency! The American Accent Audio Course was a real ear-opener for me.'

Business people were also impressed - for example online businesses that use video to promote their goods or services. 

'I soon realized that I needed to improve on my accent so that the videos I make be more pleasing to the ear of native English visitors to the site,' said one customer. 'The audio course has been of tremendous help in my business.'

And everyone agrees that the course is about more than just pronunciation. 'It shows you how the words link and flow together,' said one learner.

The course costs $37 and you can see (and hear) examples of Sherri's teaching via her You Tube presentations - a good way of testing whether this course will be useful to you.

The course is also recommended by independent reviewers and teachers of English.

'The other course that I recommend is the American Accent Audio Course,' said one blogger. 'I like this one because it teaches you to speak American English with the correct stress, linking and intonation.'

The audio mp3 files are praised as 'high quality' and reviewers agree that after following this course, 'American English listeners will be able to understand you MUCH more easily!'

Sherri herself stresses that you do need to practice, but if you do, the course will make real changes to the way you speak English.

Which makes her stand out as a professional, too, because she understands the ultimately, improving your accent is up to you.

But her course can certainly help!
Date Reviewed: February 10, 2012, 3:32 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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