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America's Restaurant Recipes ( - REVIEW

'Recipe Secrets' by Ron Douglas make big promises.
Not only will be you able to recreate all your favorite restaurant dishes from over 60 of America's best-known restaurant chains... you will be able to make Kentucky Fried Chicken at home!
Given that the recipe for KFC is famously kept in a computerized vault (protected by motion sensors and cameras) and jealously guarded, then these are big claims.
'Discover the secret recipes from your favorite restaurants and easily cook them yourself,' says Ron.
'We'll teach you the secrets behind actual dishes from billion dollar restaurants like The Cheesecake Factory, KFC, The Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Chili's & many others.'
According to Ron, the average American family eats out 3 times per week or more, spending around $2,700 a year in restaurants.
So of course it is tempting to think you can re-create family favorites at home - but would they taste the same?
Yes, claims Ron, who started his investigations after realizing just how much he was spending on family meals out.
'After all,' he says, 'I love to cook.'
Surely a chicken seasoning can't be that difficult?
After 'massive amounts of trial-and-error', consultation with professional chefs, and endless web searching and recipe investigation, Ron is now confident that 'these are the exact recipes restaurants use...'
His website lists all the recipes - so you can search for your favorites - and Ron has been on TV holding taste tests with real people. He claims that his 'America's Restaurant Recipes' cookbook will save you time (no more trial and error); money (obviously); garner compliments from family and friends; be fast and easy and even be healthier than restaurant food because you can choose fresh, non-preserved ingredients.
So what do the home cooks say? Do the recipes really taste the same as in the restaurants?
Many people are happy:
'My kids love these recipes. They can't tell the difference. They use the cook book like a menu now,' said one mom.
'The book will pay for itself within two meals and you will enjoy it,' said another.
'So far I've made 8 of the recipes from this book and they were all a big hit. I'm amazed at how close they come to the restaurant version.' 
But not everyone agrees on that 'exact' taste:
'I was very excited when I purchased this book, but the recipes were a bit of a let down. The food was good, but it didn't taste exactly the same as it does in the restaurant.'
And some people thought that the recipes were only for experienced cooks:
'If you are a beginning cook (like me) this is probably not for you - these are not simple recipes...too many ingredients, too many steps for me.'
Which is a personal preference, but also a fair comment.
And this following comment is revealing - not only about the cookbook but also the restaurant meals!
'All in all, it's a nice addition to my cookbook collection... but I'm thinking that most of these recipes will be an occasional treat, simply because of the caloric/fat content. If nothing else, reading the ingredient lists has made me decide not to eat a lot of my favorite restaurant dishes!'
And I think, just like a restaurant meal, that considering these recipes as treats is sensible.
As one home cook said, it's a fun concept, and the recipes produce good results.
Just don't get into the KFC debate!
Date Reviewed: December 5, 2011, 4:23 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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