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The Smell Of something New - Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds RIO

Angry Birds the game that everyone has played, Only because itís so simple and easy that catches everybodyís look. This game is easy for playing and letís start the review. angry birds is sponsored by the Blue sky studios production animated film ďRioĒ, In fact you can play Blu (that is the blue bird main character in the film). So all of you angry birds fans you can download the non-HD version from internet for FREE. But for those who want to make experience more exciting can buy the HD version for 0.99 $ For phone and 2.99$ for tablet. The game is much fun, all the 6 stages(in every stage you have 30 levels) with events from the Rio Film J, I played it on a tablet and it worked great, the design is amazing.

Angry Birds Rio Story
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So I started the game and I only had one stage, And it was the stage where I had to save the birds. I just want to add that in the original angry birds youíre fighting Pigs In this one your fight with monkeys. There are some upgrades on the game and interface but the game is the same maybe a little bit better than the original. When I passed the first world or stage the Game opened the other Stages(worlds)

∑†††††††† Jungle Escape

∑†††††††† Beach Volley

∑†††††††† Carnival Upheaval

∑†††††††† Airfield Chase

∑†††††††† Smugglerís Plane (note. You are going to have this level only if buy the HD version)


When you start the game It is so easy, But when the levels pass it gets harder and harder to free those birds. The first you have to look at is the construction. There is no changes in the flying of the birds, as there is in angry birds space. While you are beginning your career as a bird saver and monkey smasher, Youíre making points and hi-scores, But although that excites you very much and you canít stop playing, Because you want to know what would the next level be like, Right? I think I mentioned that you can pay some of the film character† in the game like Blu and Jewels.

The Birds

∑†††††††† The red Birds- the regular birds are the red ball shape and they are in all of the games, they donít have any special abilities.

∑†††††††† The† Blue Birds Ė the blue birds are in all of the games too as well as the Yellow triangle shaped one which I will speak about in a minute. So the blue bird has an ability when you tap it, to triple it self and triple your chance to hit the right thing.

∑†††††††† The Yellow Birds- the other original bird, this bird has an triangle shape and when I flyes, if you tap it forces ahead.

∑†††††††† The White Bird Ė the big white bird which is another original part of the angry birds, which looks like the eldest one has the special ability to drop an egg.

∑†††††††† Blu Ė blu is the main character in the film but as the game is based on the film Rovio had to add him to angry bird battle, I couldnít really figure out what is his special ability. While heís flying if you tap him he sort of spins and doesnít do anything.

∑†††††††† Jewels Ė the female bird who look like blu, and I donít want to disappoint you but I still havenít seen her Ability. Probably something like bluís


Well, I like the game itís fun to play it try it out by your self and I promise you are not going to be disappointed. How I said you can find the game using google, but only the non-HD version if You want the HD version for free you will have to use

Thank you for reading this review. If you want me to make a review on anything else just write on this e-mail Have a nice day!!!

Date Reviewed: July 18, 2012, 12:57 pm
Reviewed by Alex
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