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Recommended for nipping anxiety issues in the bud. Blame free, addresses whole family and the effect anxiety has on everyone. But seek medical advice if you suspect the issues your child is dealing with go deeper then anxiety.

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"Anxiety-Free Child Program" by Rich Presta - REVIEW

Is your child's anxiety making you anxious?

Already you'll be able to see that this is a vicious circle - because children pick up on the atmosphere surrounding them, so worried parents will only make things worse.

But what to do? They won't go to school, find socialization difficult and need constant reassurance.

Of course you're worried.

But your child doesn't need to suffer with anxiety, says Rich Presta, author of the 'award winning' Anxiety Free Child program. You can help them overcomes their anxiety, worries and fears. After all anxiety is a part of growing up that we all have to face, and conquer, if we are ever to get any peace of mind.

How much better will their (and your!) life be if they're not constantly battling anxiety? If they feel more confident, secure and happy.

And of course you know, in your heart of hearts, that left untreated this anxiety will only increase and generate further problems later in life. You don't need a psychologist to tell you that children who struggle with anxiety are much more prone to becoming anxious adults.

But you don't want to medicate your child either, or subject them to an airy-fairy new age 'solutions'. You want practical, effective solutions.

Rich Presta claims to have them.

His Anxiety-Free Child Program is, 'comprehensive', with specifically designed tools to help your child free themselves from anxiety and replace it with feelings of confidence, security, and comfort.

And this isn't a package that you just give to your child, it's an process that you're going to engage with them. It requires parental involvement. But Rich Presta also promises that it will only take a few minutes a day to change the way your child views their fears.

Don't feel powerless, he says. But most of you all don't let anxiety steal your son or daughter's childhood.

So does your child really have a problem with anxiety? Some of the common symptoms are headaches, nervousness, avoidance of social activity, compulsive behavior (nail biting, hair pulling), excessive moodiness, sleep changes and school avoidance.†

There may be an identifiable reason for the anxiety (eg a death in the family, moving home or school). Whatever this may be, it's important to remember that it's not your fault; this is not a disease, it's what Rich Presta calls a 'mental misunderstanding'.

Anxiety has 'tricked' your child's flight or fight response into being triggered by normal, everyday occurrences and worries. Their hearts start racing, they sweat and feel that awful cold 'what if' feeling that is at the base of all our anxieties. 'What if it all goes wrong...' 'What if they don't love me any more...'

This trick is incredibly powerful, says Rich, and it can 'invade' your child's life, and their fears become out of control.

Rich says that his programs to overcome and reprogram the anxiety response have been used successfully for many years. He worked with a Doctor of Clinical Psychology (plus his own experience in overcoming his personal anxiety) to develop the Child Anxiety Relaxation and Imagery System (C.A.R.I.S.) which outlines a simple four-step technique to bring 'even intense anxiety and panic to a grinding halt.'

Using these methods you can help your child quickly clear their head and teach then that the fear they feel is 'no big deal.' The first step toward getting rid of it for good.

So, what do parents think of Rich's program? Have they found it effective for their children?

Well the endorsements on Rich's website are encouraging:

'My seven year old daughter Hannah had to be taken out school because she was so anxious. Every morning before school was a disaster filled with tears and worries. After using the program Hannah is more confident.'

And there are also good recommendations from independent reviewers.

'The program does an amazing job in empowering the parents to take control of the childís anxiety by offering practical advice and knowledge.'

The Anxiety-Free Child Program distills anxiety down to its essence: itís not the experience, itís the anticipation of what might happen that paralyzes us.†

The program is praised as an 'affordable resource' at $97.

Available as a download or print version.

And the package also has endorsements from the psychiatric community:

'If your child struggles with anxiety, fear, or excessive worry, helping them overcome those challenges NOW can change their entire lives for the better. The Anxiety-Free Child Program is the most complete and effective resource I've seen,' said one doctor.

MY only anxiety in recommending this package is that I couldn't find any actual customer comments from parents who had tried the program with their child.

But it is certainly worth investigating further and the author has some credibility in managing and dealing with anxiety and panic disorders.
Date Reviewed: February 13, 2012, 11:55 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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