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excellent quality, highly regarded, constantly improving


a smaller company so occasional customer service ripples (though overall rated very well.) I'd like to see them take more initiative in marketing their product.


I highly recommend Apollo. This is a brand I'd like to see do well.

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Apollo E Cigs from apolloecigs.com
Apollo E Cigs For Bars Home Or Anywhere
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Apollo E Cigs Review - For bars, home, or anywhere

A forum favorite!

People love Apollo! They're a relatively small company who has paid attention to what people want and it's paying off big time (they tripled their sales this past year!) In a market rife with knock offs and inconsistent user experience, Apollo has created a quality product across the board. Apollo has their own research and design team as well as manufacturing facilities. They spent four and a half years in extensive R&D before even launching, which has translated into greater control over their product specs and clear added value for their customers. 

Apollo is constantly upgrading and improving their offerings but unlike many companies, rather than phasing out existing models in the process, they make their upgrades compatible with older equipment. That means (unlike with your computer or smart phone for example) you as a buyer will never get stuck buying new equipment unnecessarily. I think that's pretty cool and I suspect that's part of what has built them strong customer loyalty.

On the fun side, they also provide lots of flavor variety! 20 flavors in all from 5 tobacco and 2 menthol options to fun flavors like coffee, banana cream and green apple. Their e-juice is made 100% in the USA so you know it's met rigorous standards for quality control. 

Here's where I've seen the most heat for Apollo:

1. Extreme Starter Kit: If you're new to Apollo or to e cigarettes in general, Apollo's extreme kit is a perfect place to start. The batteries are the same width but a bit longer than the standard kit batts which translates to longer time between recharging. That's a feature you'll appreciate. This model also really delivers on vapor and throat hit. Manual batteries are usually preferred so you can control the vapor hit you get, but people rave about the extreme auto battery and how well it simulates the draw on a real cigarette. Auto batts are safer as well, since they control your nicotine dose.

2. TGo Tank Kit: The Apollo TGo tank is getting lots of favorable ratings in the forums. The battery lasts twice as long as the extreme with the added benefit that it is compatible with your extreme cartomizers. No love lost there if you decide to switch up when your extreme battery needs to be replaced. The battery is quite a bit fatter though, so if you like the look of a real cig you'll want to stick with the extreme. Also, if you like the option of zero nicotine, that's only currently available in the cartomizers, not in the e-juice that goes in Apollo's tanks . That will be changing soon and when it does I'll update this article.

3. Disposables: Disposable e cigs are resoundingly hated and sneered at by e cig vapers… except for this one!!!  People rave about it! While they don't make sense for ongoing private consumption, here are some ways to use the Apollo disposable:

a. As a cheap way to test Apollo for yourself.

b. As a gift to friends. 

c. A cool item if you own a bar, coffee shop or internet cafe. 

Does Apollo = The Future?

As I caught the buzz on Apollo's disposable I thought about how cool it would be if people had access to them in situations where they're most likely to reach for a regular cig. There are plenty of e cig companies making their way into bricks and mortar but my concern is that some of those products are of lesser quality so they won't give people a true picture.

I'd love to see Apollo's disposable get some traction beyond online sales, out in the bars and coffee shops. The brilliant innovation of e cigs is offering smokers choice. It's the first time in history smokers can choose an alternative to smoking that simulates smoking but is better for them. I'd like people's first experience to be with a quality product, like the Apollo disposable. Apollo's wholesale efforts are fairly under the radar, but if you have a great venue as a reseller definitely reach out to them. They offer a 50% discount for orders over $1000 and there may be other ways they'd be happy to work with you.

I'd also like to see this company take more initiative with their image in the media. They've got a high quality product, an amazing brand name and great word of mouth. There are other companies out there marketing themselves more aggressively and my concern is that awareness sometimes trumps quality. I'd like Apollo to take some initiative in building greater awareness for their products by shaping their own image in the media, because what they're offering is already of solid quality and highly regarded. Let's take it to the next level, Apollo!

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Date Reviewed: February 3, 2012, 6:19 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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Sarahparker After smoking for almost 10 years, I finally decided to move on. I tried two different kinds of ecigs, both of which were very cheap and faulty. I had almost given up when I stumbled across the Apollo website. I ordered a standard kit (which I received 2 days later) and I can't believe the difference. The batteries last longer, The cartridges last longer (and taste better), and there is way more vapor than the others. Not only is the product better, but their customer service is astonishing. My emails were answered within minutes and they even called me to make sure I was happy with my purchase. This company is awesome and I've been recommending them to everybody I know. Sarahparker Rating
Mon, April 16, 2012 11:34AM • By: Sarahparkerrssreport user
Timhall I started smoking when I was 14, eventually trying and becoming addicted to several other substances one being alcohol. 10 years ago I got sober, but I still smoked. I have been trying to quit for about 8 years now. I have tried everything. I tried several different brands of ecigs before I tried Apollo. Apollo was the most authentic. My stepfather quit smoking a couple of years ago using an e cigarette. I am trying to get him to switch over to Apollo. My girlfriend quit smoking using Apollo and I loan out my old batteries and cartridges to people wanting to quit. My father has been battling throat cancer for 2 years now. He is in the final stages of dying right now from cigarette related causes. One of my friends who has been trying to quit for awhile now who voted for me will receive a disposable from me to try, hopefully that will help her. I have not smoked 3 cigarettes in 3 months now thanks to Apollo. Timhall Rating
Fri, May 04, 2012 5:14AM • By: Timhallrssreport user
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