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Portable music and movies, loads of apps and the choice of black or white for your color means this iPod Touch has everything you need or want.


This is the 8GB version which means if you need a lot of storage, it's going to fall a little short. The screens are also very sensitive and have been known to stop working from a hard rain or dropping.


This is an all around good choice for an MP3 player and with the bonus of all the apps, it's a win all around.

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iPod touch 8GB from Apple
Apple IPod Touch 8GB Review
Lisa Mason rates this 5/5
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Why I Love the Apple iPod Touch 8GB

Many people are buying the iPhone instead of the iPod these days and I’m not quite sure why when there is so much to love built into this device. First and foremost, the cost of an iPhone is much higher than for an iPod and with the exception of calling land lines or other cell phones, there is not much difference between them. Both devices have the same great features, can be used as a standalone device or connected to a PC or Mac computer and offer WiFi connectivity for file sharing and networking.

You can even turn your iPod Touch into a phone with the careful use of some apps!

I have purchased the Apple iPod Touch for both myself and my daughter and we both absolutely adore them.  While I have a cell phone, I am not ready yet to buy one for my kids but they love what the iPod Touch can do and all the apps that they can get on them. 

That is not really an issue since I purchased our iPods because I can contact her just as easily through this device as I could with a phone and I don’t have a huge contract to pay each month.  I can simply shoot her a text on the free iMessage and when she’s at a friend’s house that has WiFi, she can receive and reply to my text.  I can also call her through Face Time and see exactly what she is doing and where she is at. 

Add to it all the cool games, music and more that you can easily download and you’ve got a gadget they will never want to give up!

Other Product Features

  • iMessage Texting
  • Face Time Video Chat
  • Dual Cameras on Both Sides of Device
  • Video Camcorder
  • iMovie Editing App
  • High Resolution Display
  • Wireless Connectivity to HDTV, PC or Mac
  • Shake and Shuffle Music Library
  • Comes in White or Black

The above are myself and my daughter’s favorites but hardly the only ones that we like.  This is our top list and the features that we use more than some of the others that come with this version of the iPod.  I personally like being able to use the iTunes store to buy inexpensive apps for both my daughter and myself.  We can also share our music with each other which is great too because we have the same tastes in this area.

There is So Much More To Love

One of the apps that I was happy to see what included in this version of the iPod with the integrations with Twitter.  I love tweeting so when I am out and about, I can still do all my social networking without having to turn off my music or switch over to my phone.  My daughter loves the Game Center so even when she’s not with her friends, she can still play games with them or she can find people around the world to game against.  One of my all time favorite features is the iCloud app that allows me to back up my iPod so if there is ever any issue, I do not lose all my files and apps.  With technology it is so important to have a way to do this for both my daughter and myself so this was a huge selling point for me.

Netflix: We love streaming Netflix on the iPod and being able to curl up somewhere comfy and watch a movie or our favorite TV series. There are so many appropriately-rated shows and movies for my kids that we all share.

Instagram: I absolutely love sharing my photos on Instagram and my daughter loves taking photos, too. This app is great for editing and sharing your pictures from wherever and whenever. It’s one of my favorite apps for the iPod Touch.

And more!

There is too much more to list but basically anything you can get on an iPhone, you can get for the iPod Touch as well.

Minor Issues

One minor issue with this iPod is that some claim that the screen is super sensitive and will break if you look at it wrong.  While this may be an exaggeration, it does concern me so I make sure that we have a case for our iPods that we keep them to protect the screen.  We have not had this issue ourselves, but I have friends who have made this claim so it is worth mentioning.  Some of the apps also run a bit slow and I’d be happier with a bit more storage even though 8GB is quite a bit for a portable device such as this one.  To resolve the storage issue, we download our photos and videos to the PC regularly to free up more space.

What Others Think About This iPod

Scott Showalter says, “Unlike last year's iPod touch update, this one's a complete overhaul to the entire line. Last year, the new models didn't change in appearance. On the inside, faster processors and double-memory were added to the 32GB & 64GB models, but the 8GB got left out. Not this time. Buying the new 8GB iPod touch indeed gets you all the new goodies. You'll also pay thirty bucks more than before, so consider buying the 32GB model instead. You'll get 400% of the storage capacity for only 23% more coin!”
Raven A. Wind added, “I know what you're thinking while looking at these reviews: "Should I save fifty bucks and get the 3rd Generation iPod touch, or is the 4th Gen really worth the new price?"

I am happy to report that the improvements made from 3rd to 4th generation are worth your attention.”


At the end of the day I am very happy I purchased this iPod for both myself and my daughter as we use them constantly.  I am sure there are many features built into this device that I have not had the time to explore yet so I am looking forward to having some free time to just sit and play.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a great mobile device that keep them connected without a huge data plan or mobile phone bill.

Date Reviewed: May 7, 2012, 9:28 am
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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UnbiasedReviewer While iPod is an amazing device for games and internet browsing, with a lower price than the iPhone, it has a very low quality rear-facing camera. UnbiasedReviewer Rating
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