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Super easy to use, geared towards international sales, competitive features, 24 hr support


no phone support


Big thumbs up for Ashop. One of the simplest solutions out there.

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Ashop Review Build Your Online Store In A Snap
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Ashop Review - Build Your Online Store in a Snap

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Shoppers spent less than ever this past year in holiday shopping due to the economy. That said, much more of their purchasing was made online. Black friday e-retail sales were up 24% as opposed to 3.3% in bricks and mortar retail chain sales. According to some reports, the writing is on the wall. Even solid, well established stores must play the ecommerce game if they hope to stay afloat in the long term. If you're selling goods and/or services and you don't have an ecommerce site what are you waiting for? If you're blogging or you have a web presence, chances are you have a  product to sell… so what are you waiting for?

I can make some guesses. If you've ever tried to research creating an online store or having the ability to accept credit cards online you may have discovered a world so overwhelming and confusing you just stuck decision making on the back burner… again and again! There are so many options and so many potential costs involved and then there's the whole issue of driving traffic to your site which either takes elbow grease or capital. It's hard to know whether it will all be worth the trouble.

Or maybe you're confident of the way forward and you've got a modest budget but little things are hanging you up. Maybe your blog is nicely set up at a host which isn't known for their shopping cart. But you like their customer service and you're wondering whether to just stick with them and use their shopping cart or whether to migrate your site to another company whose cart has a better reputation. Don't let little questions like this hang you up. Keep your focus on the big picture. If you really want to stick with your host you can. You just create a store subdomain for seamless integration, but I suspect after reviewing the services the ashop shopping cart offers you'll also be happy to jump ship. 

Why Ashop?

First of all, through it's hosting provider Ashop has what's called a content delivery network. This network dramatically reduces latency and means your store can be accessed by customers anywhere in the world via local servers. In layman's terms that means you and your customers experience a faster web store, for smoother navigation around your store because rather than relying on a server that' s half way around the world, your store is connected to a massive network of servers. How does this affect your business? Massively. Studies have shown that a slow shopping cart is one of the major reasons for lost sales on the web.

Ashop's pricing is competitive and they offer some nice features compared to their competitors, such as unlimited bandwidth, no transaction fee and up to 500 products in their basic package (most offer 100). They offer 24 hour online support by live chat or email. They don't offer phone based support. They also offer free SSL included in their price and of course they are PCI-DSS compliant.

Very appealing is the fact that you don't need to deal with HTML or any coding. It's all drop and drag so you can be a technophobe like me and still take care of business! Another feature that makes Ashop a standout is their focus on international sales. The whole point of ecommerce is to access the world, so I'm amazed that unlike Ashop, most of the other shopping cart solutions don't have features designed to make international sales easier. Ashop offers built in language and currency conversion.

Final Thoughts:

Ashop gets extremely high marks for ease of use. Their back office is extremely intuitive and easy to navigate. Their templates are very friendly, well laid out, with clearly defined areas and well marked buttons. I would absolutely recommend checking out Ashop's free 10 day trial. It's essential to take any Shopping Cart Software you're considering for a test run to see how easy you find it to use, whether you like the templates offered and how it compares to competitors.

Date Reviewed: February 24, 2012, 7:29 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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I am an Ashop customer, have been for 8 years and have stuck with them though many a bad upgrade and reductions in functionality. During the version 4 release back at the beginning of August i decided i had had enough and decided i could no longer stand by and be quite regards the mess that the software and support was in, despite being warned by other customers that Ashop could be quite nasty if stood up to. I didn’t believe it but then on the 19th of September i received the following from Ashop: -
Dear Mr ####
It is with regret that we feel that our mutual working relationship has broken down to such an extent that we have now to give you notice of our intention to terminate our Agreement. Therefore we hereby give 45 days notice that we shall discontinue all of our services with you and your company. This means store# 3710 will be closed by 4th November 2013.
Please take this email as statement of the official notice of termination period as stated in our terms and conditions paragraph 6 -6.2
With regards
Ashop Commerce
Yunus Atalan
Seriously folks, if they can do this to a customer of 8 years, who had spent time, energy and money in creating a store that had rank and loyalty, then believe me when i say that they will do this to anybody who dares to question them.
I now have to try and move my store to a new platform so that i do not miss the Christmas sales period … worst of it is, i cant even download my data from Ashop because it is still failing … as it has been since the August upgrade to version 4.
MrD Rating
Thu, September 19, 2013 4:21AM • By: MrDrssreport user
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