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Natural ingredients, Money Back Guarantee up to 90 days


No scientific research studies to back up the companyís claims about the product.


You may try AsthmaMist in consultation with your physician, if you are looking for an alternative treatment for asthma. Scientific studies, however, are not available to prove the effectiveness of the product.

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AsthmaMist from AsthmaMist
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AsthmaMist Review - Here's What We Found Out...

AsthmaMist is one among many natural and herbal products for asthma in the market. The product does not claim to be a miracle cure for asthma, and does not even claim to treat asthma over a period of time. All it claims to do is to provide relief to the patient by fighting off the symptoms of asthma.

The name of the company that manufactures or distributes AsthmaMist is undisclosed on the productís official website. What is disclosed, however, is that the company was established in 2002, and is a well-known name in the field of health and beauty related products. The company is also a member of the Natural Products Association.

How does it work?

AsthmaMist helps to fight off the symptoms of asthma with a homeopathic spray that contains all-natural ingredients. The purpose of delivering medication through a spray is that the ingredients directly go into the patientís bloodstream for faster relief. The company claims that the ingredients used in this spray have been traditionally used by homeopathic practitioners to address lung related problems.

The common problems addressed by such ingredients include asthma, wheezing, shortness of breath, and tightness in the chest. The company advises patients to take two quick sprays of AsthmaMist under the tongue three times a day for best results. The natural formula of the product will address the symptoms of asthma on a daily basis.

Safety and Benefits

The company claims that AsthmaMist provides relief from certain specific symptoms of asthma, which include cough, shortness of breath, chest congestion, larynx irritation, congestion of the mucous membrane, wheezing, and lung inflammation.

This homeopathic spray has been recorded in the Homeopathic Materia medica, which supports the productís claim of using only recognized homeopathic natural and herbal ingredients. The company claims the product is safe and clinically tested and used widely by patients of asthma around the world.

Key Ingredients

One of the key homeopathic ingredients in AsthmaMist is Arsenicum Album. This ingredient is clinically indicated to treat bronchitis and asthma. Other related symptoms that it can address effectively include spasmodic constrictions of the larynx and the cough arising out of this condition, dry cough, and breathing difficulties caused due to severe cough.

Another important ingredient in AsthmaMist is Belladonna that is indicated to address cough and affectation of the lungs. It also helps to provide relief from related conditions such as larynx constriction, trachea constriction, dry cough, redness and heat in the face, chest tightness, labored breathing, and heaviness in the chest.

How to Order

AsthmaMist is not sold through retail stores. You can order it online through the companyís official website. The site accepts four major credit cards, including Master Card, Visa, American Express, and Discover. Payment is also accepted via Paypal or Google Checkout.

The product also comes with a 90-day Money Back Guarantee, but the condition is that the product must be unused and unopened. A single bottle contains a 30-day supply of the medication. You can also make a bulk purchase of 6-month supply at a discounted price.


AsthmaMist is not a cure for asthma, and it does not treat the symptoms of asthma. It only claims to provide temporary relief on a day to day basis to an asthma patient. It is not a replacement for other asthma treatments, and is not meant to address serious attacks of asthma. AsthmaMist should be used only after consultation with a medical professional.

Date Reviewed: November 1, 2011, 1:35 am
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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