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The eight-week money back guarantee on the program is great. Instant downloads of the recordings allows you to use and benefit from the program quicker.


There is no sample of the recording. Perhaps if there were a sample recording available, customers would be more inclined to buy the program.


Having used similar products in the past, this program sounds like a better deal. This is no risk to buying this program. If you use it for a few weeks and find it does not work for you, simply request your money back.

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Astral Projection from Unexplainable Store
Astral Projection By Unexplainable Store
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"Astral Projection" Brainwave Audio by the Unexplainable Store - REVIEW

The Unexplainable Store, created the Astral Projection program to help people learn to have an out of body experience. The special Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones within this program help you to obtain the peace within that you are seeking. These beats and tones are created to help you achieve the Theta state rapidly and easily as you undergo astral projection, meditate or relax. Many people who follow the Metaphysical religions employ these methods to achieve a high state of relaxation. 

Anyone no matter their religion can use these recordings for Astral Projection.

Once you are relaxed you can study more efficiently, heal quicker, be more creative, sleep more restful and other beats to help you life a more successful life. In essence, these beats and tones will help you attain the personal goals you have set for yourself. When you are free of stress the brain is better able to deal with those curve balls life throws at us in different situations. 

What is an out of body experience?

An out of body experience is very relaxing as this technique allows you to center yourself in times of stress. A person feels as if they have left their body in an out of body experience. These people can see their body but they are not inside of it. Some people wish to learn this technique for spiritual or religion enhancement but some people wish to learn how to do this for the thrill of it. People have been experiencing out of body experiences since Ancient Egypt for spiritual needs.
Some people experience this naturally when their heart stops or in some other health emergency. For the rest of us, we must learn this technique. The beats and tones in this program will help us to attain this out of body experience.

Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones

Binaural beats which are sound recordings that put you in the Alpha state of mind quickly and without effort. The Alpha state happens quickly with these beats, and once you are in the state you can easily slide into the Theta state. Theta state is one of deep relaxation where Astral Projection occurs. Isochronic Tones are similar to Binaural Beats, both help you to achieve Theta State. The Isochronic tones will help you achieve the state faster.

What is in the Astral Projection Program?

In this program, you get a thirty-minute recording of sounds to help you achieve this highly relaxed state of consciousness. You can also buy Binaural Beats and Isochronic tones with an instant download or on CD. Addition opportunities include the creative flow package deal or a super package, which includes Lucid Dreaming and Past Life Regression recordings.
With each package, you get an eBook that shows you how to unlock the hidden possibilities of your Crystals, along with an eBook on useful lessons in Yoga. Many people who practice the Metaphysical religion not only practice Astral Projection, they also use crystals and practice Yoga. All of these techniques work together to improve your life in ways you can only imagine.

My thoughts

As a person who has been practicing within the Metaphysical religion for two decades, I know the power of these relaxation techniques. Using these types of recordings will help you get there easily. Achieving the deep relaxation need to travel out of your body is easier each time you do it. I know that getting to the Theta state is difficult with some recordings. However, when you have an unconditional eight-week money back guarantee on them, the product is worth trying. The Astral Projection Program sold at the Unexplainable store has this guarantee. In addition, when you do buy any package, you can get automatic savings such as ten dollars off any orders above fifty dollars. 
Date Reviewed: March 3, 2012, 4:42 pm
Reviewed by Amy Browne
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