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Fantastic price, Top performance, Great Usablility and seamless docking.


Plasticky build and average screen.


The Transformer is a top notch tablet with great storage space, top performance, fantastic battery life and with a great range of quality apps to download from on the Android Market

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Asus Transformer Pad TF300 from ASUS
Asus Transformer Pad TF300 Review
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Transformer Pad TF300, is it the best Android Tablet device?

A friend of mine just bought an Asus Transformer TF300, he was raving on and on and on... about how good it is so quite naturally i decided to check it out. A little research reveals to me that Asus just recently joined in to challenge the iPad domination was its release of the Eee Pad Transformer Prime that was released last year. They started out this challenge by cleverly adding a keyboard to the tablet model, this while millions of iPad owners were buying keyboards to accessorize their tablets was quite genius of them if you ask me.

Asus Transformer  TF300
The Asus Tx300 is a younger cheaper sibling of the Transformer prime, complete with a battery boosting keyboard. This Ice Cream Sandwich-sporting 10-inch tablet runs on the latest NVidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor, and weighs fractionally less than the new iPad. Its Build quality is quite as good as the prime. I found its navigation, which is aided by Android's Ice Cream Sandwich OS, to be seamless and smooth. The TF300 rarely pauses for thought and copes very well with games. Offering nearly seven hours of HD streaming, the TX300 has one of the best batteries around. Slotting the Pad onto its keyboard dock gives you around 15 hours of solid performance.


•    Ultra-slim and light (.39" thin and 1.4lbs light) with stylish swirl design.
•    10.1-inch WXGA IPS capacitive pressure-sensing multi touch display for brilliant HD entertainment and intuitive navigation. 1780 viewing angle (1280 x 800)
•    It is Powered by NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-core processor: This is the fastest processor on any tablet, it guarantees that you will have quite the web experience.
•    It comes with an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System: With its Adobe Flash support you get over 500,000 downloadable applications on the Android Market.
•    It has a 32GB flash storage, micro SD card slot and micro HDMI port: Gives you a good enough space for storing your pictures, documents music and video.
•    It has two cameras, A front (1.2MP) and a rear (8MP) cameras: This provides you with face-to-face video chats and on-the-go  video and picture capturing.
•    Optional Docking station with QWERTY keyboard: This adds an additional 5 hours of battery life giving you up to 15 hours of battery life
•    Ultra-slim and light (.39" thin and 1.4lbs light) with stylish swirl design.

What i liked about the Asus Transformer TF300
Its selling price ($385) is quite affordable for a 32 GB model. It has a fantastic speed thanks to its high-end quad-core NVidia Tegra 3 processor. The tablet is very responsive and fast excelling with games and power-hungry apps. Its touch screen is very responsive (i have used an apple so i think i am pretty qualified to make that comment). Photos taken with its rear-facing camera are pretty impressive, with little image noise and mostly sharp detail. There is also the geeky stuff that i was able to do with it which made me like it more for example; I was able to control my PC remotely. Most of the apps i tested on it, were installed and downloaded from my PC wireless. I ran a few emulators on it, which it ran effortlessly.

What i did not like about the Asus Transformer TF300
The TF300's screen is quite the magnet for fingerprints. I found myself cleaning it quite constantly; i would recommend that you buy a screen protector for it. I also did not like its start-up time, i found it to be too slow for my liking.

Customer reviews of the Asus Transformer TF300  - via  Amazon
"  It feels good, is easy to hold, and the screen is very nice, if not as bright as the Prime. "
" If you're going to buy an Android Tab and you're not looking for the most expensive one but the best one, definitely ASUS TF300 is your choice."
" The unit is made of plastic, but it's very sturdy and I feel it will last quite a while, I did order a leather case for it though. "

Overall Impression
The Transformer prime was a top-notch tablet last year, and the TF300 carries with it that torch. At $385 for the 32 GB model, with the fastest processor available, the latest version of Android and a versatile add-on keyboard dock, makes the Asus among if not the best non-Apple tablet available. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an Android tablet.
Date Reviewed: May 27, 2012, 10:00 pm
Reviewed by Mikeal
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