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Pros: The program assists in finding financial partners and investors, suited ideally for newcomers as well as veterans, sold with a 60-day money back guarantee, live customer support


No background about the program promoter Austin Davis, the price appears to be on the higher side, this program is not going to teach you sales or communication skills, and there was at least one person who was seriously disappointed with this product


Select this program if you are already considering entering the commercial real estate investment business. This information could be more poignant than any college real estate course. $97 is nothing if you are going to make a substantial investment & pursuit of commercial real estate.

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Austin Davis' Exclusive Commercial Real Estate Guide from Austin Davis
Austin Davis CRE Guide Review
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Austin Davis\' Exclusive Commercial Real Estate Guide detailed information
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Austin Davis' Exclusive Commercial Real Estate Guide - REVIEW

Austin Davis' Exclusive Commercial Real Estate Guide is a comprehensive program in the form of an e-book that teaches you how to invest in commercial properties. The program is intended primarily for people who are interested in commercial real estate investments, but do not have the necessary funds or credit availability to make such costly investments. Even if you are a complete novice to the field of commercial real estate investing, this program can help you purchase a property within two to four months.

This guide tells you how you can obtain access to larger pools of funds and use the money of other people to invest in multiple commercial properties. It will provide you with useful tips on how you can attract financial partners who will assume the financial liability of such investments, while you remain free of risk. It will also guide you how to negotiate with sellers of commercial properties in order to land the best possible deal that clearly favors you. 

What will the program do for you?

Austin Davis' Exclusive Commercial Real Estate Guide will consistently help you make larger investor networks and attract new partners to expand your investment scope. It will teach you how you can actually eliminate the need of cash to make down payments, and use the money of other investors. In fact, the program can give you a straight cash profit of one to six percent on the price of a commercial property after closing the deal, and the money can be in your account within 24 hours.

Program Features

Simplicity of this program is its biggest asset. Even you are a total newcomer to the world of investing and real estate, you will not take more than an hour to read through the guide, comprehend the process, and begin to apply. Implementation of the program is also as easy as understanding the program. You will be able to put it to practise within 15 minutes any time you use the program.

If you have concerns regarding your low income, poor asset base, or weak credit history which may hinder you from considering significant investments, you can be sure that this program will still work for you with as much efficiency. Irrespective of your asset value, income level, job position, credit score or work experience, the program is designed to work for you. The program allows you to work on your own if you have significant funds available. If you are short on funds, you can get investors to work with you with the help of the guidelines provided.

Live Support

Austin Davis provides you live support through the vendors as well as in-house trained staff to assist you move ahead with the program. You will obtain contacts and references wherever required for buying a property. The customer service is prompt, professional and friendly to make the buying process easy for you at every step.


Austin Davis' Exclusive Commercial Real Estate Guide is available at a price of $97. The product comes with a 60-day unconditional money back guarantee. Since this is an e-book and no shipping costs are involved, so you will get your 100 percent money back.

What Others are Saying

Third party reviews about Austin Davis' Exclusive Commercial Real Estate Guide are almost universally positive. says: “This system works for you regardless of your income, credit, job or assets; works with any kind of real estate and doesn't require a big investment.”

The reviewer at Squidoo says: “In all my searching I have yet to find one bad review or experience from any of the at least 7,000 people who follow him on or on any blogs or review websites. That is a really rare thing as almost every program promoter ends up getting bad reviews from someone.”

One of the actual buyers of the program has a positive view to share at forum: “Mostly stuff you see in other courses but he has a broker you can use plus they will help you get money like closing cost and other cost if you do not have your own cash. They also give you 2 months support which help if you have a property you fill out a cash flow form and send it to them and they will advise you where to go from there.”

Another real customer of the program at suspects its credibility: "I bought the program. Then I joined his "AMG" group. I got a discount so I pay $66 per month. These are the first posts I've read that seem to real and honest. The money paid for the course and the monthly recurring is peanuts in comparison to when you need to use their broker to "set up" funding for you with one of "their private lenders." The broker calls it a consulting fee. The sticker price? $2500!!!! And I got a notice via paypal. Suspect to me!! I decided to run the other way. Been ripped off too many times. caveat emptor. Its strange to me that someone can get a person to send them $2500 cash online..never meeting you, or evening making themselves available by phone. (He claims that until you are actually working on a deal with him, phone calls are off limits."

Date Reviewed: December 11, 2011, 11:23 am
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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