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60-day Money Back Guarantee, Automated race analysis, a lot of positive feedback, plenty of satisfied customers who have used this platform and are now putting their voice behind their purchase.


Credentials of the promoter, Greg Samuels, are unknown, and no third party endorsements to support the product


If you like to engage in horse betting, you may invest in the Auto Bet System X to improve your winning chances. It seems that this product does this.

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Auto Bet System X from Auto Bet System X
AutoBet System X Review
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Auto Bet System X (by Grey Samuels) REVIEW - Here's the truth...

Auto Bet System X is a horse betting system that makes use of logical analysis and information to improve your chances of winning. In fact, the creator of this system, Greg Samuels, claims that Auto Bet System X will generate consistent winning plays for you. The system works equally well for any style of betting.

This horse betting system is not a simple service that provides tips and alerts to help you place the right bets. It is a system that helps you develop a long-term betting strategy that produces profits consistently for you. In that sense, the system is more a teaching package that guides you how to increase your winning chances by placing the right bets.


The fundamental principle that Auto Bet System X follows is horse betting should be viewed just like any other business or investment. Any business or investment involves application of logic and facts before taking a financial decision. Such decisions cannot be taken irrationally, on whims and fancies of the investor, or based on emotions.

Same way, Auto Bet System X assists you to take the emotion out of your betting strategy, and purely chase the available facts and analyze them carefully. The betting strategy of this system helps you identify real potential race winners and puts the percentages in your favor, thereby improving your chances of winning. So the strategy support is provided by the system, while you use your own betting style to follow that strategy.


If you purchase the full Auto Bet System X subscription, the system machine and the software will perform all the race analysis on your behalf. This will save you many hours of research everyday and the accuracy of the analysis will also be far superior due to automated calculations. All you will need to do is to decide which type of bets you will place for the day, and the system will do the rest.

Time is money. The system is not making wild claims that all you have to do is sit back and watch the money poor in or that this system will do everything for you. This system will do the leg for you, enabling you to concentrate on the horses and other factors and even enjoy more time eating a hot dog at the horse race event. This system seems to have a winning formula in hand.


Auto Bet System X offers two different software packages, which are available for instant online download in PDF format. The first package only includes the PDF files and is available at a price of £37. The second package provides you the same PDF files, and additionally gives you privileged and unlimited access to the “The Machine” software. This package is available at price of £67. The product comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

What Others are Saying

Actual customer feedback is not available online, but a number of third party websites have reviewed Auto Bet System X. Almost all reviews are overwhelmingly positive about this system. The reviewer at says, “This system has not only been used by us but has been tested by various Beta testers for the last few months. It is absolutely GUARANTEED to make you consistent winnings. Test it out!”

The reviewer at says, “The theory and methodology behind the service run by Mr. Grey Samuels looks at betting as a business or investment, the idea is to try and detach yourself from the emotions of winning or losing so that win or lose you can keep a clear head.”

Date Reviewed: December 3, 2011, 2:33 am
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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Jonski FYI - absx-iv is a loss making system, sorry according to Grey Samuels its a methodology not a system at all !!! You will find that with Mr Samuels nothing is straight forward, and little is tangible, Grey Samuels present himself as some sort of mystic guru when in reality he is a con man.
I was a member of absx ,and I can tell you without any doubt this.
If you have a winning bet (dutch) highlighted by the methodology they will take the credit for it, if it loses and overall you will, they will say its your own poor interpretation of the data presented..
in short…its always your fault if you lose following their system.
In addition, the forum was closed on one occasion, why, for self advertisement by a member, or for foul or abusive language. no not at all, simply because someone mentioned they use a laying system! Forum closed, without warning or explanation. The next day on the forum a diatribe from Grey amounting to, all that place lay bets are in league with the devil, and as absx-iv is a betting forum no lay comments were allowable!
I asked for stats to prove its success as claimed in the promotionalmaterial, I got non, except for the randomly selected days results from the site (yeah right random). So I did what any reviewer/critic would do and did my own testing, first day 34 races,the "methodology" selected 16 of which 8 won and 8 lost, now considering you are dutching the two favourites, it doesnt take Einstein to see you have lost money. in fact 4.5ptsloss, other days were similar.
Please avoid this , and this con artist (sorry betting guru)
jonski Rating
Mon, February 25, 2013 9:40AM • By: jonskirssreport user
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