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Forex trading holds the potential for very high returns. Multiple award winning, AvaFx is one of the top trading platforms in the industry!


It's a risky endeavor!


If you're looking for a strong platform in an exciting market, AvaFX is the way to go

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AvaFx Award Winning Pros Of Currency Exchange
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AvaFX Review - Award Winning Pros of the Currency Exchange

The bigger picture on Forex ROI:

So you're looking for a solid online trading platform for foreign exchange. This is an unprecedented time for forex trading. We all know if you play your cards right in highly volatile markets your returns match the risk.  If you're based in the US having some money in forex can also help ease your tax burden. So a wise investment in the market can be beneficial to your business regardless of your returns.

Why Ava Fx? 

Well, let's start with 6 awards in excellence for 2011 alone! Two from the World Finance Foreign Exchange, for best trade executions and platform, globally! That speaks volumes. World Finance is a leading financial magazine, produced every two months from it's London headquarters. When your money is on the line, you need to have confidence in the platform you choose and you want executions to run smoothly because timing is everything. Any question of credibility should be dispelled at this point. With top awards in excellence from a major International financial magazine for both it's platform and executions, AvaFX is clearly a trustworthy name in global online trading.

AvaFx is a world class performer in terms of both executions and platform but they also cater to traders new to the market. One of their most appealing features is their free $100,000 practice account which enables newcomers to feel out the process of trading as well as the AvaFx platform, entirely risk free. There's no substitute for making trades and seeing real time results. I'm a firm believer in doing it vs. talking or listening to others talk about it. Yes, consulting with an expert is an essential part of the learning process but equally essential is just getting in the ring and getting knocked over a few times so you discover your resilience and learn from your mistakes. So I'm a big advocate of the AvaFX practice account which enables you to do that without jeopardizing your hard earned cash during the learning curve.

There are also no Fees with AvaFx:

"Our policy includes no deposit fees, no trading fees, no rollover fees, no margin call fees – no fees whatsoever. Our revenues are generated by the difference between the buy and sell price." AvaFx

Depending on the investment size and account type you open, they even offer cash bonuses.

The awards of excellence speak volumes and so do their services.

Of course, AvaFx has excellent trading tools:

* 24 hour Global Phone, Live Chat and Email Support

* Full Streaming Rates

* 24 hour quotes on dozens of currency pairs

* CFDs on commodities, Metals and Stock Indicies

* Leverage trading

* Orders - single click market executions, double click market trading

* Pro charts updated instantly

* Online Protection!! 256-bit SSL encryption. True-site identity assurance and AICPA Webtrust compliance is the best security for e-commerce available. 

You can even start trading with as little as $100 and you can trade using paypal, credit card or web money. They have a free live webinar to give newcomers the how to of forex trading as well as a guided tour of their system. You can also trade a range of financial instruments such as oil, stock indices, gold, silver sugar, cotton, gas and other major commodities.

Of course, they caution that the high degree of leverage in forex trading can work for or against you so be wise and if you're new to the process, I highly recommend their practice account as a great place to start. If you're an experienced trader you'll likely be highly satisfied with the facility and ease of executions as well as with AvaFx's excellent platform and resources. To check out AvaFX in greater depth, try the AvaFx practice account now.

Date Reviewed: January 7, 2012, 11:48 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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