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Comprehensive, reliable, web-based service, the 'pinnacle' e-marketeer. Fast & reliable service


Some issues with learning to use the system, and importing pre-built mailing lists


Excellent product with many fans in the virtual world

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AWeber Email Marketing Software from AWeber Communications
Aweber Review
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Aweber Review (Autoresponder & Email Newsletter Management) - How Does It Stack Up Against The Competition?

Aweber Email Marketing Software: Contact Your Contacts!

Once upon a time businesses kept in touch their customers more by luck than judgment. For sure, the big organizations could collect customer lists, addresses, phone numbers; they could offer incentives for recommendations, they could go out and knock on doors. They could encourage the elusive ‘footfall’, attend industry events, advertize in newspapers or on billboards. Anything to get their name (and reputation) out there.

In the digital age, everything has changed. Email addresses are gold dust, companies pay good money for targeted lists. Your buying preferences and online activity is poured over in detail by analysts, but email ‘address books’ can quickly become as unwieldy as any salesman’s black book and this is where email marketing software comes in. These products are known as ‘autoresponders’ and provide a host of ways to manage digital contacts and target customers through mailshots, blogs, RSS feeds and subscriber lists. AWeber also offer templates for web sign up forms, email newsletters, autoresponder follow up and ‘subscriber segmenting’. What more could an emerging business want?

So businesses can grow by providing information (in an email newsletter, for example) to subscribers who sign up with that all-important email address. Once captured, the Aweber system will automatically send out emails at intervals of your choice, to ‘pre-sell’ your product by getting people interested, establishing your authority on the subject and giving them information that can help them. The software helps establish a relationship with your subscriber; as everyone knows, this is the first step towards sales.

AWeber has been the ‘pinnacle’ E-marketing tool for many years, and this longevity is a significant advantage over the closest competitor, which has a more aggressive pricing policy. However reviewer consensus is that Aweber offers the best pricing for quality of service. Crucially, Aweber have a reputation for being fast and reliable when it comes to service and troubleshooting. Their website is clear and attractive, and offers good support information in the form of webinars, a knowledge base and videos, plus a 30 day money back guarantee. As a web-based system no software is needed, which means businesses can concentrate on running their empire while AWeber runs the autoresponder.

Downsides of the product are reported difficulties in learning to use it (although training resources are good), and that the facility for importing pre-built mailing lists is less-than-robust.

However there is little to detract from this product, they have the bases covered, as is evidenced by reviews on many ‘make money online’ blogs. If you have less than 500 addresses or over a million, Aweber will help you make the most of those oh-so-important contacts.

Date Reviewed: September 29, 2011, 6:32 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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Admin We use aweber for all of our mail campaigns and ongoing correspondence with customers. Great service, easy to use and a wealth of tracking and reporting information for your white list mailing needs. admin Rating
Sat, November 26, 2011 4:04PM • By: adminrssreport user
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