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Aweber Review - Masterful Email Marketing Machine

Why is Aweber the best for email marketing?

If you're fishing around trying to figure out which email service to go with, Aweber pretty much sells itself. I'm just here to tell you why I use it: Deliverability, ease of use, advanced analytic features and customer service. Ok I'm done… Click Here. Kidding! But in a certain way I'm not kidding because pretty much, those are the four essentials when it comes to a finding a reliable autoresponder and Aweber is the top option out there, along with ConstantContact. You can't go wrong with either of these services and I wouldn't settle for less. 

Email Marketing 101:

I'm just going to assume for a minute that you're not even sure why you need a service like Aweber. Let's say you've got a blog or a website and maybe you're selling a service or a product or maybe you're just building a following and you'll figure out the sales part later.  If you're putting energy into your blog, you're going to need to monetize at some point, just to keep the process viable for yourself. In any event you'll certainly be developing a list of subscribers. And if you're monetizing what you do off the bat, you will want to see the highest conversions possible. In other words, the highest percentage of your readers become subscribers and the highest percentage of your subscribers become paying customers. 

In order to accomplish this you need to develop a trusted, steady and consistent relationship with your website visitors. You do this in many ways, on a personal level. You do it by being an expert about the subject your blogging on, by writing consistently, by giving freebies, by offering helpful advice, by writing in an engaging, compelling or humorous way, by offering a product your visitors really want or need. 

Your email auto-responder is the invisible support that enables you to reach a greater and greater audience with your message, service or products. It is the foundation of all your marketing efforts and it's what turns your blog from a hobby into a viable source of income. Your auto-responder is the email marketing machine that reinforces the trusting consistent relationship you've worked so hard to develop.

Email Marketing 2.0:

As visitors become subscribers and subscribers become purchasers, you're also going to want to optimize conversions so you are seeing the highest ratio of sales from your list.  Aweber automates the process for you so you can send out consistent messages without having to write them anew every time you get a new subscriber. Aweber also enables you to distinguish between subscribers and purchasers so your emails are properly targeted. And Aweber has extensive analytics tools to help you discern which of your messages is most effective so your business can become more and more consistent and streamlined.

In addition to the advanced analytics, which becomes more and more essential as your business grows (and is a tool which, in and of itself, translates to exponentially greater sales), what makes Aweber really stand out from the pack is a 99%+ email deliverability rate. Being labeled as a spammer hurts your business on a lot of levels. It damages your online reputation and it also creates a ton of missed opportunities. Poor deliverability turns a potential customer into a dead lead. It's as simple as that. You manage, through your SEO blood, sweat and tears, to get a visitor to your site who is interested enough to subscribe and then your auto-responder gets flagged and now they're dead in the water. Ugh! Not worth it not worth it not worth it.

Aweber Icing on the Cake:

As far as customer service goes, I really love Aweber. I'm not a techie by nature and although I find their back office relatively intuitive, I still need to be walked through the steps. I've found them incredibly patient and reliable. I also like how easy it is to create opt-in forms. I'm not crazy about their templates but you don't need to get fancy to see great conversions. Sometimes it's best to keep emails as simple as possible because it feels more personal and less slick. If you think about how you feel when you read a friend's email vs. when you get a formatted email… it instantly reads sales when you see the formatted message. Nice to break from that and just keep things simple and natural. That said, you've got plenty of template options to choose from with Aweber. 

My Conclusion:

If you've done any research you know Aweber is a top pick and they are my auto-reponsder of choice. They offer a $1 trial for the first month and a 30 day risk free guarantee. Check out Aweber for yourself.

Date Reviewed: January 27, 2015, 10:05 am
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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