B-Agile Travel System, Stroller and Car Seat - Full Review
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B Agile Travel System For Babies Review From: Britax

Complete system for traveling with your baby. Well made, robust, easy to use & maneuver. Great safety features.

Car seat is heavy and doesn't fit on to shopping carts

Almost perfect! Just like your little one!

Have baby (& toddler...), will travel. Can it really be this easy?

It's an every day sight in all towns and cities... parents wrestling with awkward strollers and car seats for their babies and toddlers.

And everyone must have experienced that stroller that just won't collapse, or you need three arms to operate, or the car seat that requires you to be double-jointed just to get it (let alone the baby) in or out of it.

It's not what the hard-pressed new parent needs.

So it's no surprise that buggies, strollers and car seats are one of the most highly researched items on the internet - you want to know what you're buying!

Well look no further. The B-Agile Travel System by Britax has it all.

Consisting of the B-Agile stroller and the B-Safe car seat, to combo is available for a bargain price of $339.99.

Which might seem a lot to the uninitiated but if you do your research you'll find that it's easy to pay this much just for a stroller.

The stroller is lightweight and compact featuring a one-hand, quick-fold design with an automatic chassis lock.

One hand? I hear you say. Really? Well wait to see what the purchasers say about this feature.

The seat is padded and supportive with a 5-point harness system and adjustable head pad. 

Suitable for use from birth to 30 pounds the b-safe seat has a 30 pound weight capacity and the b-agile stroller will work for toddlers up to 55 pounds.

That's a lot of travel capacity for your growing family!

And parents are extremely happy with this system.
'The moment my husband and I removed the Britax B-Agile Stroller from the box, I knew it would be a reliable and sturdy product for our first baby. The instructions and illustrations were easy to follow and the only assembly required was placing the wheels onto the bottom of the stroller, no tools required.'

The stroller is designed for maneuverability and fits easily into small cars, trunks and closets at home. It can even help new moms regain their fitness, as the stroller is just as easy to use on trails and in parks as it is on your city sidewalk. 

And the seat fully reclines, providing a comfy ride with its padded fabric and easily adjustable harness and large canopy - great for shielding baby from bright rays, rain or snow.

Parents found that the plastic wheels are adaptable to different terrains: city sidewalks or grass in the park. Folds up in one pice and locks with the push of a button.
'If you are looking for a lightweight stroller that will have you folding it like a ninja, with a huge canopy, a very large seat for your bigger kids, extra stride clearance for tall parents and the easy travel system capability, the Britax B-Agile is the stroller for you!!' said one excited reviewer.

'My husband and I spent a good amount of time researching strollers and car seats taking into considering safety (of course), reliability, comfort, size, price and others. We settled on Britax,' said another.

And when the stroller arrived it didn't disappoint.
'When our order arrived I was elated to find out how compact the stroller gets, considering I had a Lexus ES. A large stroller wasn't really an option. But I can fit 8 of these strollers in my trunk! Also the car seat and base set were easy to put in the car.'
No more wrestling child, car seat and stroller in and out for this family.

'I was very pleased with both the B Safe car seat and the B Agile stroller the moment I took the products out of the box. all I had to do was attach the three wheels, which only took 15 seconds. The quality is of very high materials. The stroller is as they said easy to fold and unfold, which has made traveling a cinch! I highly recommend these items and would purchase them again.'

And there's not many new parents who would call travelling a 'cinch'...
'One month into my baby's life, we couldn't be happier. I take our little one out in it everyday for a walk, he sleeps so happily in it. The stroller is so light and easy to maneuver, it's fantastic. I'm 5'10" and was worried the handle might be too low, but really it doesn't bother me. Best of all: the car seat fits in the back seat of my Mini Cooper, and the stroller fits in the trunk. Amazing!'
And for growing families this product is ideal.

'I'm pregnant with our last baby, and I didn't want to have to get another stroller in a year. We put our 4 year old in the stroller and she fitted in there very comfortably with plenty of room.'

'This stroller is worth the price especially since odds are you won't have to purchase another stroller at all even as your baby grows!' adds another parent.
If you're expecting twins or have children very close in age you may want to consider the 'amazing' B-Agile Double.

The only downside I could find on this product is that the car seat is a bit heavier than others - and not all buyers thought this was any bad thing. 
'It [the car seat] is a bit heavier than others but it makes me feel that our son will be safe and snug and cool...I can't say enough of this travel system I'm in total love and awe over it!' said one parent

'Knowing he is safe in this car seat is more important to me than how easy it is to carry,' said another. 'And the system is so easy to use, just click the car seat in and you're off.'
And for extra protection you can register your purchase on the Britax website and you'll be informed of any safety updates or product recalls. 

One buyer did note that the car seat is 'really heavy' and does not fit into the top part of shopping carts, 'which really is a big pain.'

So I guess you can't have absolutely everything...

But the stroller really does fold up with one hand!
'It is one of the lightest weight 3-wheel-type strollers that will accept an infant carseat without an adapter,' reports one buyer, 'and folds up easily with one hand while holding baby in the other.'
And along with Britax's excellent safety record, this is a huge selling point.

Try one with your baby!
Date Reviewed: May 19, 2012, 9:20 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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