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It uses only natural products with a lower risk of side effects. Works to treat the condition, as well as improve overall health.


It may take longer than three days to see results. Users have to purchase additional items to fully use the system.


The product is effective, but for some people, it may take a few extra days for results to occur.

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3 Days to Bacterial Vaginosis Relief from Kristina Tomlin
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"3 Days to Bacteriol Vaginosis Relief" by Kristina Tomlin - REVIEW

3 Days to Permanent Bacterial Vaginosis Relief is a book-based system that promises to completely eliminate this condition.  To fully understand how this product is purported to work, it is important to know exactly what bacterial vaginosis is and what the conventional treatments are.

So, what exactly is bacterial vaginosis and what are the conventional treatments?

This condition is characterized by vaginal inflammation due to a normally-present bacteria overgrowing.  This then upsets the vaginal bacteria natural balance.  Any woman can fall victim to this condition, but it is most often seen in women in their reproductive years.  

Symptoms include light vaginal bleeding, foul-smelling discharge, thin and grayish discharge, burning during urination, pain during intercourse and vaginal irritation or itching.  If this condition is left untreated it could possibly lead to complications, such as preterm birth, higher risk for infection following gynecologic surgery and sexually transmitted infections.  

Conventional treatments generally include prescription antibiotics.  However, despite treatment and effective elimination of symptoms, it is rather common for symptoms to recur within about three to six months.  

Why choose a natural bacterial vaginosis treatment over a pharmaceutical one?

Natural does not automatically equal completely safe, but the potential for side effects and other negative effects is generally reduced.  The pharmaceutical drugs that are commonly used to treat this condition have a high potential for side effects, such as nausea, upset stomach and abdominal pain.  

This condition stems from the bacteria normally present overgrowing, so using natural remedies that can help to keep the natural flora in check does have the potential to be beneficial.

So, what is the 3 Days to Permanent Bacterial Vaginosis Relief?

This product is touted as a natural and comprehensive treatment that uses no pharmaceutical drugs.  It is a 64-page e-book that is available in PDF format.  The book will cover the symptoms of this condition, the causes, why it may recur, what the antibiotic treatments are and why they may fail to be effective, a few necessary lifestyle adjustments to reduce the risk of recurrence and a step-by-step cure designed to permanently and completely eliminate bacterial vaginosis.

The author of this book suffered from chronic bacterial vaginosis.  After being treated ineffectively over and over again, she began to do her own research on potential natural treatments for this condition.  Her book can be instantly downloaded for $39.00 and it comes with several bonus items.  These include the following e-books: Optimal Diet Secrets, All Natural PMS Relief, Rapid Stress Relief and Natural Yeast Infection Relief.

Users report that this system consists of three steps and all three steps absolutely have to be completed as described for this product to be optimally effective.  This product also discusses the feminine hygiene products to avoid.

Users are reporting that this product working in three days is not completely accurate.  Instead, it took about five to eight days for them to start noticing results.  They also state that in order to get results, the ingredient that must be used must be that exact ingredient.  Using a variation of this ingredient will cause this system to not work.

Those using this product report that diet and lifestyle changes are necessary to see results and these may not be suitable for everyone.  You must also purchase additional items in order to successfully work through this system.  However, this is a home-based solution so the additional necessary items are not difficult to find and are not reported to be terribly expensive.  

It is stated that not all additional items are required, but those who fail to start seeing results in three days after strictly following the  system should consider adding the non-required items to their regimen to boost the potential for positive and fast results.
Date Reviewed: March 3, 2012, 4:41 pm
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