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The report has been coming out for nearly 10 years, incorporates the latest research, ingredients are easily available and affordable, the point is not a quick fix but a long lasting solution


No clear endorsement of the report from a dentist, no money back guarantee, the price appears to be high for an e-book


If you suffer from persistent bad breath and looking for a home remedy, select this report. If you do not have dental insurance, it makes more sense to choose this product from a financial perspective. Even if you have dental insurance, that does mean your bad breath issues will be resolved. This report is based on science and research, not on some random idea backed by bright colors and flashing lights.

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Bad Breath Report from Bad Breath Report
Bad Breath Report Review
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The "Bad Breath Report" by Tomas Caomhanach - REVIEW

The Bad Breath Report is an e-book that offers an innovative technique to provide relief from the problem of bad breath. The technique has been devised by Tomas Caomhanach, who has made use of extensive dental research to create an effective guide to control bad breath. Tomas has been bringing out or conveying this report for the last nearly one decade, and with each passing year he has updated and improvised the technique by incorporating the newest research.

Tomas says that his technique works almost instantly to provide relief from bad breath. Unlike many other treatments which end up only masking the bad breath temporarily, this technique works to remove the root cause of bad breath. It also provides preventive tips to ensure that bad breath does not return later. The technique involves four simple steps, and is also used by dentists and periodontists to help patients eliminate bad breath and save money on breath mints.

Is it a practical solution?

The Bad Breath Report does not present a fancy or complicated solution that may be difficult to perform, time consuming, or require any special precautions. The best part is that the ingredients that you will need to perform this home treatment are very common.

You can get them from your local drug store or supermarket, if you do not find them in your home. The cost of the ingredients will be in the range of $2, which makes it an affordable solution absolutely. The ingredients are safe, and are not likely to cause any tooth or gum sensitivity or other problems or repercussions.

What exactly do you get in the report?

The Bad Breath Report tells you the specific technique in simple steps to help eliminate odor-causing harmful bacteria in your mouth. It explains you why commercially sold toothpastes are not the answer for bad breath. It teaches you how you can make your own toothpaste with natural ingredients that can eliminate bad breath effectively.

It provides you guidance on specific foods and beverages that can create a foul odor in your mouth. It dispels several myths about bad breath to ensure that you stay away from wrong treatments with adverse results that can certainly impact your checking account and waste your time. The Bad Breath Report also gives you a technique to remove the white film from your tongue gently, without using a brush.

Does it really work?

You need to remember that this product is only a guide or an instruction book to teach you an effective formula to get rid of bad breath. Thereafter, it depends on your personal commitment and effort to actually collect the ingredients, create the paste, and apply it regularly as per the steps provided in the report.

Therefore, the results are like to vary from one user to another, depending on how consistently they follow the report. It is not as though this is like teeth whitening where the results are readily apparent right away. Furthermore, certain bad breath conditions may occur due to specific dental diseases, which may not be resolved by this formula. It may be a good idea to consult with your dentist if you suffer from chronic bad breath due to dental decay or other medical reasons.


The Bad Breath Report is available in the form of an e-book at a price of $29.95.

What are others saying?

Actual user comments are not available about the Bad Breath Report. A third party reviewer at says: “One benefit that you can find is that this program will teach you about the cause of your terrible taste and smell that you have in your mouth. By knowing about this cause you can determine what you need to do to control the issue. However, you will also be able to figure out what kind of treatment is going to work best for your needs.”

The reviewer at has a mixed opinion about the report: “The Bad Breath Report makes a lot of claims to live up to, and fortunately the remedy outlined is indeed easy to follow and cures bad breath. The ingredients suggested may end up costing slightly more than advertised (but not by much), and the teeth whitening effects of the remedy may vary from person to person, with some people indeed experiencing a drastically whiter shade and others not at all.” appreciates the effectiveness of the ingredients, and says, “This easy-to-understand e-book discloses scientifically proven ingredients that work by rapidly normalizing acid levels in your mouth.”

Date Reviewed: December 8, 2011, 9:38 am
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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