6 Basket Baby Changing Table
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Badger Basket Baby Changing Table Review From: Badger Basket

A great, affordable option for a changing table/organizer for parents.

The changing pad is kind of thin and cheap and many who purchase this replace the pad.

All in all, this is a great changing table station, especially for newborns and smaller babies.

Badger Basket Baby Changing Table - Great for Parents

The Badger Basket Baby Changing Table with Six Baskets can make a great addition to any nursery. Changing tables are one of those items that seem more like a luxury than a necessity but they really can make life easier for new parents. They can help take away some of the stress as youíre adjusting to the changes a new addition to the family brings.

Trying to change your infant in the baby bed can be very uncomfortable and carrying her from one room to another to change a diaper is inconvenient. You may forget to bring the baby wipes or if youíre distracted or sleepy, you may even forget the diaper. There will also be those times when youíre running around looking for the supplies you need because youíre not sure where you used them last. Itís much easier when you have everything you need in one location.

A baby-changing table gives you a safe and comfortable place to change baby but it has other benefits, too. This changing table can help you keep everything organized because you have drawers where you can store diapers and other baby items. You never have to run around searching for supplies, clothing, and so forth because everything is together in one location. Keeping everything together makes the room look neat and tidy instead of cluttered so thatís another benefit.


One of the first things that come to mind when searching for the best changing table is safety. You want a product that is strong and sturdy because you donít want to take a risk of it collapsing under the weight of your child. The Badger Basket Baby Changing Table is strong and itís designed with a metal support bar that runs underneath the changing surface that adds to its stability. The table is also designed with a finish thatís non-toxic to ensure your baby is not exposed to anything that could be dangerous to her health.


The Badger Basket Baby Changing Table features six canvas baskets or drawers. Three of them are large enough to store blankets, diapers and clothing for easy access. The three small baskets will hold baby supplies, small toys, socks, shoes, and other miscellaneous items. The canvas drawers are soft but sturdy.

The baskets have cardholders underneath the handles so you can label each drawer and that will help to keep you organized. The baskets are also interchangeable so you can have the small row of drawers running down the left or the right side, whichever is more convenient for you.

The Badger Changing Table also features a safety belt and safety rails on all four of the sides. These are designed to help prevent baby from rolling off the side while youíre changing her. It also has a changing pad for comfort.

Product Specs

  • Six baskets for organizing, three large and three small
  • Safety rails enclose the changing area
  • Includes safety belt and mattress pad


The Badger Basket Baby Changing Table makes everything convenient and gives you a great place to change your babyís diaper. You wonít have to run around from one room to another looking for supplies and a place to change her. It holds up to thirty pounds so it will last for a while making it a good investment. Itís easy to put together and very sturdy. It wonít tip over when you try opening the drawers to get something out like some of the cheaper models do.


The changing pad that comes with this table is not very thick. Some users have expressed their concern with this and many have replaced it with a new one they bought separately. The only other main complaint some users have is that itís not long enough. As a result, taller babies begin to touch the sides at about six or seven months.

What People Are Saying

ďThis is a great affordable changing table. Most tables with any sort of drawers are much more expensive. While the drawers are made of canvas, they hold everything I need them to without a problem. We are short on storage space/drawer space and this has helped out a lot! We are able to store all diapers, wipes, current clothing, bedding, receiving blankets in this. It is perfect for what we need it for.Ē Ė M. Conarroe
ďAs we are expecting our first child in February, we were looking at different changing tables that could accomodate diapers, clothing and all other necessities for our child. As so far our child will be sleeping in our bedroom, space was also a concern and this changing table delivers. It's roomy in the drawers yet compact BUT solid for the table itself. It has a metal support bar that is installed under the changing pad in order to supply more stability. It comes with a changing pad, which we did not like and will therefore replace with a contoured one. But it is water-repellent and the table comes with a strap to secure your child, if you think that is necesary.
So after all this table is "bang-for-the-buck", at least to us. A better changing pad would have been nice, but you can't have everything ;)Ē Ė D. Lohmann
ďIf your looking for something simple and affordable then this table is for you. Now its not perfect but I knew this going in when I made the purchase and I am still very satisfied. The drawers are made out of a cloth canvas material with a cardboard insert in each to make the bases and its quite sturdy despite its fragile appearance. If you pull out the drawers too far, it will fall out which annoys me.

The table comes with its own changing pad but its completely flat like a bed mattress and too thin for my taste. Thoughtful but useless. I highly, highly recommend buying your own changing mattress. There are many decent and affordable changing pads like this one I bought Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad (which fits perfectly onto the table) and your baby will thank you for it.

Bottom line: it looks beautiful, its simple, and it does what it needs to do.Ē Ė nectarine


When youíre trying to decide which one to buy the Badger Basket Baby Changing Table is a good choice. Itís a good quality table for an affordable price and the canvas baskets provide enough space for you to keep all of your supplies in one place for convenience. As a mom of five, Iíd recommend this and I have used many products in my time.Changing tables are nearly as essential for a new parent as a great stroller. Sure, you could do without one but they make life so much easier, why would you want to? m

Date Reviewed: May 22, 2012, 6:00 pm
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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