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The Ballet Bible (by Anita Leembruggen) REVIEW - Here's what we found...

Many of us have humiliating memories of first experiences in ballet school.
And ballet is difficult - 95% of people who start ballet fail miserably (and that's a quote...)
According to The Ballet Bible, 'Here's How You Can Succeed!'
'I can show you how to dramatically increase your ballet technique in the shortest time possible,' says the author of this book and accompanying online material.
The author, Anita Leembruggen, is a ballet teacher who was inspired to write a home-study guide.
As a student of ballet herself, she had longed for, 'something I could buy to help me get better.'
But there was no material she could find at the time. 'I felt like giving up,' she says. 'It was just too hard.'
There were a few good tips available but nothing that really made a difference.
So later in life (after she had, presumably, mastered the art of ballet), she starting writing the guide after a student asked her the same question. 
The result was The Ballet Bible: The 3 Simple Rules of a Prima Ballerina.
According to the story (and it's a good one...) the word spread fast. 
'I'm just getting back into ballet and I can't thank you enough,' said one customer.
'I can't believe how much helpful information there is in this guide. I'm looking forward to picking up where I left off and this is just the thing I need.'
Ms Leembruggen's website is decorated with many such testimonials, which are detailed and appear genuine.
Both students and teachers recommend the guide highly.
'The 3 Simple Rules of a Prima Ballerina is outstanding and my favorite. Now when I am teaching the little ones, I have a better understanding of the technique and terminologies so I am teaching them correctly.'
The goal of the book is simple - to be clear on exactly how to improve your ballet technique.
'It's as if I am standing next to you guiding you through every movement and gesture,' the author says.
A selling point is that the book illustrates now not to do it - with pictures of wrong postures which lead to poor technique and compounded difficulties.
'In the ballet world,' she says, 'this is the difference between a good dancer and a great dancer. It's the difference that an examiner will see.'
And her words make a lot of sense - it's true that training can be compromised with poor habits outside the studio. 
Everything from detailed movement guides, to 'how to pose for maximum impact', and tips on how to have great looking legs (they can be created, apparently! yes please...)
At $47 with a full refund guarantee (and keeping everything that has been sent) this looks like a great deal.
But is it for you?
IS there something you can buy to make you better?
Some dancers say no...
'The only way to be a great ballerina is lots of practice and something of natural talent. There is no quick and easy method.'
(although I'm not sure that the Ballet Bible is intended to be 'quick and easy'...)
'I think going to class, rehearsal, and practicing is the best thing you can do to improve yourself in ballet,' says one commentator.'
Their advice is to find a good teacher.
However Ballet Bible has got some good reviews; and seems especially helpful for more experienced dancers who are returning to ballet.
And some dancers like it.
'The "1 on 1 video lessons" are by far my favourite part of the package... Ms. Leembruggen has a cute way of teaching's far more effective than most similar videos that really only teach you what it should look like, instead of what it should feel like.'
There are sections of the material which users are less enthusiastic about (eg the Terms and Definitions), and, given the known difficulties of learning to dance properly, I think that this material should be considered only in addition to 'live' classes.
But it may just help make you better. 
Date Reviewed: November 25, 2011, 3:30 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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