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Banish Tonsil Stones by Diane Puttman from
Banish Tonsil Stones Review
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"Banish Tonsil Stones" by Diane Puttman - REVIEW

You've heard of tonsillitis, of course (and probably suffered from it as a youngster) - and you'll also probably know that the tonsils are one of those parts of the body (like the appendix) that we don't actually need... but have you heard of tonsil stones?

Brace yourself. It's not pleasant

Tonsilloliths or tonsil stones are calcifications that form on the tonsils (and other parts of the mouth). Because another awkward thing about tonsils (apart from the fact that you don't need them and they can become infected...) is that they have crevices in them where bacteria and other materials (dead cells, mucus) become trapped.

Which can, in some people - especially those prone to throat infections and tonsillitis - become calcified.

They are not especially harmful but they do cause some unpleasant symptoms like halitosis (bad breath).

Diane Puttman's Banish Tonsil Stones promises to instantly eliminate tonsil stones naturally, without costing you a penny.

Hers are 'little known powerful and proven techniques,' she says.

And 'scientifically proven' to eliminate tonsil stones forever.

Don't think about surgery, she says or wasting money on expensive sprays and tablets. This is a step-by-step program to show you exactly how to eliminate your tonsil stones and ensure they never come back.

Diane says that she suffered from this condition herself, starting at 18 with 'smelly balls clamped on my tonsils.'

Her doctor prescribed antibiotics but even after finishing the course the stones were still there. She was then advised that surgery was the only answer.

She was ashamed of the condition, and the problems it caused her in romantic relationships, but wanted to avoid the disruptions and pain of surgery.

Hence the search for another solution - explained in her eBook Banish Tonsil Stones ($29.99).

In the book she outlines her 'proven 4 step solution to naturally eliminating tonsil stones' and also how to prevent them from returning.
 The guide includes outlining which foods 'promote' the growth of tonsil stones and how to replace them in your diet. 
Plus 'a complete understanding as to why some people get tonsil stones and some people don't.'

This is a simple, 'viable' solution, says Diane. Which attacks the 'root cause' of tonsil stones.

There are plenty of endorsements of this method included on Diane's Banish Tonsil Stones website. 

'I followed your method exactly,' said one, 'and my tonsil stones were completely gone in 3 weeks.'

And there is no doubt that the author is very excited about her product. 'I couldn't believe it,' she says. '...I held my hand in front of my face and exhaled. My breath was neutral. My tonsil stones were gone, forever! I finally felt free again!'

However this enthusiasm is not matched by independent reviewers and information.

For a start off no one is quite sure what the 'root cause' of tonsil stones is. 

And one sufferer asked her ENT surgeon about the Banish Tonsil Stones product. 'He said he had read it and it gave no more "special" info than any logical person could tell you.'

Advice you might get from your doctor - such as gargling with salt water.

Hardly an 'unknown' way to deal with mouth issues.

'It's a scam,' she advised. 'Don't waste your money.'

And the general advice is that oral hygiene is the key to dealing with this condition. 

'There's no miracle treatment or secret to conventional treatment,' said one website.

'Brush your teeth after every meal,' says one advice website. 'Make sure that you get even the hard-to-reach places. You should follow up with a thorough flossing to make sure that even the spaces between are food particle free. Then gargle -  either make your own mixture of salt and water or use ready made mouthwash.'

And severe sufferers did opt for surgery.

'I suffered with tonsil stones for 10yrs and had my tonsils out in 2009 and I am so happy I did. No more tonsil stones. Best decision ever!'

After my research I am convinced that these - not Diane Puttman's Banish Tonsil Stones - are your best options: in mild cases pay extra attention to oral hygeine; in severe cases get those redundant tonsils removed!
Date Reviewed: March 23, 2012, 11:56 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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