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Can teach you the skills needed to make more baskets and improve your overall game.


You do have to read the materials, practice and initiate the process of becoming a better player. This is not a magic formula.


All in all, I think it's a great product. I'd like to be able to use some of these techniques with my basketball team to help them improve their scoring.

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Basketball Scoring Secrets from Taylor Allan
Basketball Scoring Secrets Review
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"Basketball Scoring Secrets" by Taylor Allan - FULL REVIEW

Do you want to improve your basketball scoring? As a youth basketball coach, I work with young basketball players on a regular basis and one thing they all want to know more than anything else about the game is how to score more baskets. While there is much more that goes into the game, scoring is what makes so many players love the sport. Letís face it, itís just fun!

In a game thatís objectives revolve around putting a ball through a net to score points, itís not so surprising that guides would exist to help you do just that. However, one thing that I have learned as a basketball coach is that all advice is not created equal. There are a lot of people trying to give advice out there but how much of it can you take seriously?

From what I can tell, Basketball Scoring Secrets is a pretty good guide to learn more about this aspect of basketball. Itís written by Taylor Allan and he gives you specific tips on how to double your scoring average using his special techniques. You can even overcome what you donít have in natural talent and physical ability by using this information to help you score more.

What Does This Guide Give You?

So what is so special about this basketball guide and what can you hope to learn from it? Well, it comes with a training video and scoring cheat sheet and there are many great scoring features that you will learn such as:

∑††††††† How to double your scoring average and become top scorer of your team in as little as a month

∑††††††† How to avoid the single deadliest training mistake that kills your ability to shoot

∑††††††† How to become an unstoppable scorer at any level of the game

This guide gives you Taylor Allanís specially formulated scoring† equation that helps you score as many baskets as youíd like in a real basketball game. This guide promises to be able to let you get ahead of the game by 20-30 points each game. That is very amazing.

Is This Beneficial to the Game of Basketball?

The only real problem I have with the guide is that speaking as a coach, I think itís very important that players understand there is more to the game than making baskets. Since I work with youth, we put a bigger focus on teamwork and sportsmanship but the fundamental elements are still the same. Do I want my players to be able to shoot and score? Absolutely!

Do I want them to become ball hogs who run up the score on an already beaten team? No. Do I want them to prevent passing the ball in a game because they know they can score better than other players? No. There is a lot more to becoming a great basketball player than just your scoring averages. Making baskets is fun but itís not the only element to the game.

Using This Guide Appropriately

I do believe the secrets contained in this guide can make you a better scorer but itís also important that you use this information responsibly. When playing in the park with friends and you want to show off your skills, go for it!

When playing on a professional or competitive team and you want to get that cutting edge over the competition, itís certainly okay to deploy these tactics. However, when learning to become a better scorer, we must also remember one of the most important elements of basketball- being a team player.

Sportsmanship should never be sacrificed for the sake of raking up points and being a show boater. Improve your skills enough to win but donít rub your competitionís faces in the dirt.

Date Reviewed: March 10, 2012, 8:28 pm
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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This program is incredible. It has so much information. It takes a while to digest. But all of the techniques work. I played in a one on one game and wasnít limited to scoring in one way. I could hit him with another and another move. And, I had a way to counter every way he tried to defend me. The only way the techniques donít work is if you miss the shots.- Sam
Regarding Basketball Scoring Secrets the approx . refund rate is 0.03%, which is shockingly low, and suggests this product is certainly not a scam.
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