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"Beat the System" is full of solid information aimed at helping the reader win in traffic court. User testimonials say that it is effective.


Much of this information can be found elsewhere, for free.


If you're in a pickle with an upcoming traffic court date, this book could easily short-cut you into your best defense. It may not guarantee success, but it certainly will make sure that you are armed with as much knowledge as possible.

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Beat the System from Damon Dallah
Beat The System Review
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Review of "Beat the System" ( by Damon Dallah

The dreaded traffic ticket strikes us where we’re most vulnerable – the pocketbook. One hurried afternoon or unobserved speed zone can cost a driver a lot more than the cost of the ticket. Even one ticket can cause insurance rates to skyrocket and will remain on your driving record for years, potentially affecting your job prospects. Many choose to hire lawyers who specialize in traffic tickets, but these same people might be surprised to know that they can defend themselves in traffic court with similar results.

“Beat the System” is not revolutionary. Instead, it explains how to work the system and exploit common oversights and loopholes. This is essentially what traffic ticket lawyers do when you hire them to banish your tickets. If you study the information in this book and prepare yourself ahead of your trial, there is a good chance you can reduce or eliminate your speeding tickets.

Users agree that it works and there’s no reason to believe that it would not. Damon Dallah makes some pretty outlandish claims, such as being able to fool a ticket-writing policeman that you’re one of his off-duty kin, but when the ridiculous is pushed aside, there is very solid information contained in “Beat the System.” Dallah plumbs the depths of various speed enforcement technologies to help you better defend yourself against tickets issued using them – incorrectly or irregularly calibrated equipment, for example, is a valid reason to have a traffic ticket thrown out of court.

What Users Are Saying

“Traffic Ticket Secrets is not a scam. It's a very in depth guide that will give you every possible defense for every type of traffic violation, something you won't find in any other guides. You don't have to purchase the guide to beat your traffic ticket. But if you want to save money and time doing research on your own, then it would be recommended to get Traffic Ticket Secrets.” Reviewer

“Traffic Ticket Secrets is full of tips and techniques that can help anyone with a ticket for speeding. It is all legal, but not well known. Traffic Ticket Secrets has all the information in one place making it easier to know how to successfully fight a ticket.” ~Thomas K.

“Yes, the techniques inside Beat the System will work in any U.S. city (small or large) from coast to coast. These strategies are more geared towards U.S. speeding tickets, as such these techniques will NOT help you beat a speeding ticket in Canada or any other country outside the U.S.” ~Doug,

The Verdict

“Beat the System” by Damon Dallah is factually accurate at the core. The important stuff is bang on and seems to be very effective for the many users who have tried it. The major complaint is that much of this information can be found elsewhere for free. Normally, this is reason alone for dismissing an eBook as a waste of money, but in this particular case, the act of compilation is valuable since most people have only a few weeks at best to prepare for their court date.
The detailed information Dallah provides about speed enforcement technology will be helpful to anyone who is convinced that they were not actually speeding when they were pulled over. Technology can malfunction and often does -- armed with this information, you will be able to request the proper logs to help prove that the ticket you received was not legitimate.

Some of the other claims the eBook makes verge on the ridiculous, reading almost like a compilation of Old Wives’ Tales of Traffic Tickets. The website claims that such simple items as a bottle of Aquafina, photos of your boyfriend or another mysterious person, and specific decals you can apply to your car will prevent tickets. While this information may prove to be useless, it should not deter from the truly valuable bulk of information contained in the book.
Date Reviewed: March 12, 2012, 10:42 pm
Reviewed by Kristi Waterworth
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