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Step by step dedicated training for vertical jumping. Check the blog pages to see if this sort of training is what you need.


No independent reviews of the system, so no way to check quality. Review sites mostly rehash existing website material.


Nothing unique about this approach to vertical jump training.

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Become A Freak Vert Jump Review
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REVIEW: "Become a Freak" V2 (Vertical Jump Training) by Adam Linkenauger

Do you want to 'Become the Freak'?

This might seem like a strange question... but there are plenty of people out there who do. In the sense that they want to be able to jump higher, either for high-jumping in track and field, or for dunking in basketball.

This is where vertical jump training comes in.

Become the Freak V2 is a dedicated training package which, its creator Adam Linkenauger, claims 'will have you floating above your competition.'

This is the 'secret way' he says. His videos, eBook and training program will reveal the reason why other vertical jump programs have not worked.

Now it goes without saying that anyone serious about jumping higher in a professional sports environment will have undertaken some kind of training.

But it can be very frustrating when, no matter how much you train, you still can't jump as high as the competition. Every week you watch them, effortlessly dunking the ball or gliding over the high jump.

According to Adam, his package will give you a 'complete blueprint' to walk you through every step towards becoming a 'Freak Athlete.'

You can improve your vertical leap by over 8", he says, by adopting the training methods used by professional and Olympic athletes, and 'kept under wraps' until now.

Adam says he has trained with these methods himself - to achieve a 50" vertical leap, win 7 Atlantic Coast Conference high jump championships and win the 2009 Powerade Dunker of the year.

This is not an easy fix, he says, but a proven solution, as long as you have the drive and determination required.

Adam says that most existing jump training programs are outdated and ineffective, which are 'hibernating' up to 15% of your explosive output and training your muscles to work more like a marathon runner than a high-flying athlete.

Become a Freak v2 is based on 'Periodization' - essentially breaking your training into different patterns and groups. With this patterning in place you can actually train less and still get 'massive' results, apparently.

The cost is $77.

But we need to know that this works! Well, as expected, there are positive endorsements on Adam Linkenauger's website. 'After just four weeks of using the Become a Freak Version 2 Software, I went from grazing the rim to dunking in games!' said one basketball player.

However I couldn't find any independent customer reviews of this package - and there are lots of people out there discussing and commenting on training packages for all kinds of sports and training, including vertical jump training.

'All you really have to do is build up your leg strength and then do plyometric exercises,' said one commentator, in answer to a question about Become a Freak v2. 'Strength is built by doing exercises such as barbell squats, deadlifts, etc.'
According to the professionals, the principle fitness component of vertical jumping is power. Power is a combination of strength and speed, so weight training can improve you power and increase vertical jump ability, along with plyometrics to 'bridge the gap between strength and speed.'
Adam does have outline free vertical jump training tips on his blog so if you're interested in his ideas then you can get an idea of his approach there.

And reviews of vertical jump programs agree that Become a Freak 'will most definitely help you see an increase in your vertical jump' if 'you are willing to put in the effort consistently.'

But there is no evidence that there is anything new or revolutionary about this method.

And the lack of independent comments on this package makes it difficult to give the product and unreserved recommendation.
Date Reviewed: March 11, 2012, 1:27 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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