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If you live in a gaming mecca like Seattle and have a great urge to become connected with this industry you might check this out or get it as a gift for someone who's interested. A lot of this information is pretty useful to have and it's from an inside source which is great. This is a difficult industry to get into so if this helps get your foot in the door, it's worth the cheap pricetag. If you are still playing on a Gamecube, don't bother with this.

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Become A Game Tester from (Matthew Johnson)
Become A Game Tester Review
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"Become a Game Tester" by Matt Johnson - REVIEW

Becoming a game tester. I'm almost 35 years old and this has honestly been a personal dream of mine since the old NES days of the late 80s and rumors circulated about such a job existing. Even now I'd jump at the chance to do this. I beta test all sorts of things for free anyway, many of which become AAA titles later on. I've had spurts now and then and I've taken some time to research paid game testing and I've come up with very little, mainly because I don't live by any game development companies or major companies (like EA).

So why would a company actually pay you to play games? Well, if you've bought any major title in the past few months (I'm looking at you Skyrim), you'll find many of them are simply loaded with glitches and bugs. It takes a lot of people putting in a lot of hours trying all sorts of things to iron these bugs out and make sure nothing is "game breaking" like being able to fall through the ground and die somewhere unexpectedly.

Let's check out what Become A Game Tester offers and compare that to some user testimonials we've dug up.

Become A Game Tester Offers The Following:

Resume Tips - Obviously game companies are looking for certain types of people for certain types of games. This product shows you some tried and true formulas and resume additions to help you stand out.

Facility Finder - Become A Game Tester has lists of almost all the currently operating game testing locations scattered around the US, Canada and hundreds of other countries. This is pretty useful information.

Tips For Contact - This is basically who you should get your resume to, who you should call about openings and things of this nature. If you call customer support for Microsoft, you get a call center in India most of the time. They don't want to hear about your desire to test games so leave them alone, they work hard!

How To Do The Job - This is very important for this type of work. I've been in countless beta tests over the years and they are pretty liberal. I imagine if you don't do what you're supposed to be doing as a game tester your odds of getting jobs will be slim in this area.

Access To The Job Tester Database - This is a huge list of all the companies currently hiring and you get lifetime access to it along with e-mails when new jobs are added. I like this aspect quite a bit.

E-mail Support - Have any issues? They will answer you within 24 hours.

User Testimonials

AndyOsbourne (Squidoo)

"...overall, this is one of the few eCourses out there that holds promise for a professional game tester..."

Arthur (

"I am a real user of this site and I can tell you that is not a scam and they update their job listings frequently. It's very easy to use and some of the bonuses like resume tips apply outside this field..."

Will This Actually Help Me Become A Game Tester?

This is the part where I tell you why I'm giving this a less than "great" rating. This will help you become a game tester IF you already have certain skills and a lot of gaming equipment. Being able to communicate information clearly, having a variety of consoles, great proficiency in the language where you're testing and a good PC will all help. Not all of us have all of this of course so that will hinder the "hire me" factor a bit. If you don't live somewhere that's hiring, you're also out of luck most of the time.

The Bottom Line

Part of me gets all giddy inside at the thought of being a game tester. I really like what this product offers but I'll be totally honest when I tell you a lot of this information is available for free around the Internet if you look hard enough and avoid the wave of scams out there. This doesn't smell like a scam to me but like I said, there is a certain set of people this will really apply to. If a game testing facility is in your area and you love games, give it a shot. If you live on a farm in the middle of nowhere with just a last generation console and are reading this on your phone, don't bother.

There aren't a lot of good testimonials around so I'm not a fan of that. It makes me think either nobody's buying this or they are keeping it a secret for themselves.

If you're a Mom or Dad thinking about getting this for someone, consider where you live but either way, this would be a great gift for someone really into games. I'm almost 35 and would be happy to get it honestly but it's my location (middle of nowhere) that is the problem. It's less than the price of most used video games and who knows, it could lead to something great.
Date Reviewed: February 22, 2012, 8:46 pm
Reviewed by Robert Sunset
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